Friday, February 22, 2008

My Very Own Boy Band

Friday, February 15, 2008

Everybody has to Answer to Somebody

Matthew was hugging Erik yesterday morning before he left for work..
Erik: "Bye, buddy. Be good for Mama today, ok?"
Matthew: "Ok, bye Daddy. Be good for Bob your boss."

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Camera Man: A Picture Essay of His Favorite Things

Matthew has a new passion for photography. I thought it would be selfish of me not to share some of his recent photos. His favorite time to pursue this endeavor is during my shower when he is supposed to be staying out of trouble and watching tv. One day last week I came out to find him with the camera and 40 new pictures taken! Here are just a few....

Here is a picture of rocket.
This is me walking into the room, no doubt saying something like "What are you doing?". I later found another one of me and let's just say I deleted very quickly and will from this moment on check my pics very carefully before showing them to anyone!

What we have here is the cat's back and tail. I have several of this cat from this angle and others that are not as flattering.

The rocking chair on the front porch

This is Diego, of course, and what looks to me like the top half of a tapir.

Yet, another picture of Diego on tv. I have about 20 of these. If you have not seen this particular Diego just let me know, I pretty much have a frame by frame of it on my camera.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pantry Fun

At our house, the pantry isn't just a closet filled with is a closet full of fun. It isn't just a door I open to find a snack, what's for dinner, or to make a grocery list. In fact, the door stays open pretty much all day unless Matthew is sleeping or hiding in it. I am pretty sure it is Matthew's favorite room in the house, if it were considered a room that is. So here is just a glimpse of the fun we have with our pantry and it's contents.

On this particular day, our canned goods gathered on the table (with Matthew's help, of course) for church. I am very glad that our canned goods would go to church and even more delighted that Matthew would invite and take them there. However, since they cannot walk and the one who invited them often forgets to take them back to their home, I would be ok if their church attendance were sporadic.

No, this is not a picture of Matthew competing in a "chubby bunny" contest, but by the looks of it he would be quite good at that. This contest's name is something like "stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as fast as you can before you get caught". Matthew normally asks to eat marshmallows and I normally say no (that is probably why he took matters into his own hands). He now adds after asking "Marshmallows don't have too much sugar in them Mama." Which is true comparitively compared to a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles on top, marshmallows don't have too much sugar.

Erik says to me a few nights ago, "Megan you might want to go to Walmart tomorrow. We are down to only one dinsaur in the pantry."