Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Truth About Preschool

Ever since we attended the orientation night for preschool Erik has been worried that the school we (I) chose might not be academic enough. I, chose the only school in the area that had a curriculum and I am not so concerned with how much Matthew learns academically as much as I am concerned with him learning to sit and listen when needed and to play with other kids.

So every Tuesday and Thursday Erik asks Matthew about school. This is how it went down last night.....

Erik: So Matthew what did you do in school today? And don't say it was too long. (That is always Matthew's response because he thinks we want him to tell us every little thing he did all morning)

Matthew: Well it is too long to tell you.

Erik: You don't have to tell me everything you did. What did you learn today at school?

Matthew: Daddy, my preschool isn't really a learning kind of school. We play outside and today we watched the trucks fix the parking lot, but we don't learn anything.

Erik shoots me a glance that silently says "I told you he wasn't going to learn anything at that school".

Me, reminding the boy that he doesn't just play outside at school: Matthew tell Daddy what you did with your letters of the month today.

Erik: Oh yeah buddy, tell me about your letters.

Matthew: Oh yeah, we still use letters.

Erik is obviously totally convinced of preschool's awesome academicness now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

I am SO very excited for my friend Rachel!!! She is my best girl from college. She and her husband have had a desire to be parents for a few years. Just yesterday, after years of waiting, crying, praying and trusting God with the desires of their hearts they met their beautiful baby boy from Korea.

I have been thinking about them and this meeting constantly. This morning I was able to see some pictures that were taken at this precious meeting and I can honestly say they are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

This got me thinking about life and about how God works in our lives. In our minds we picture how things are going to be. For Rachel, years ago she probably never imagined she would be meeting her son for the first time in an airport. But I would bet her meeting moment yesterday was better than she ever imagined. Some things go the way we always planned they would and then sometimes we get blessed with moments that are so very different than we planned, and surprisingly those are some of the most amazing moments we will ever experience.

So if you feel like bawling like a baby (not that I did or anything), go check out Rachel's best day ever!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Matthew Says--September Edition

When talking about his church "buddy barrel" that we collect money in each month.....

Matthew says "I am going to put this money in my buddy barrel because we need to get lots of money. We need to buy 2 meats and 2 loafs for 2 boys in Haiti that don't have any food."

When talking about those "tough times" in life....

Matthew says "Sometimes when life gets confusing you just need to snuggle with a mama."

Matthew says "TV can really lift kids spirits when they are sad mama."

When he saw this.....

Matthew says "Mama how could you let THIS happen to her???"

When walking through the door which is being held open by a lady with blue hair at Taco Bell....

Matthew says "Thank you and nice blue hair!"

When playing football with Daddy I suggest turning off the TV so he can give his full attention to playing.....

Matthew says "That's ok mama, God gave me 2 ears. One to listen to Daddy and the other one to listen to the TV."

When seeing the cats (Mac and Emma) fighting....

Matthew says "Go Emma! You're my mammal!"

When a cashier asks about his baby sister.....

Matthew says "I'm Matthew and she is Alexis. I'm the experienced one."

When pretending to be my repair man, pushing that button on the dryer that turns the light on and off (which I always have to tell him to quit playing with)......

Matthew says "I see your problem. I bet your child plays with this button all the time."

When the waitress at Chili's leaves the table laughing at something he has said and tells him to come visit her again soon....

Matthew says "I just made that girl's day."

When discussing dental hygiene.....

Matthew says "Mama, could I have some floss? I need to floss my canines."

When playing with me....

Matthew says "Pretend I'm unconscious."

When talking to a dog walking around the neighborhood without a person. My mom says she is going to check the tag to see if there is a name on it. After looking at the collar for a tag she tells Matthew it is missin'.......

Matthew says "Oh hi Missin'"

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Girl

The girl is now 7 months old (but let's not talk too much about that). I don't know if I have mentioned before that I dread the 5th of every month because it means I must accept the fact that my baby girl is one month older.
She is a solid food eater now (well ok she has been for a few months already I just have neglected to write about it). I have been making her food which is quite fun. She loves rolling around on the floor trying to grab whatever treasures her big brother has left behind. He is always concerned she might ruin something and when I tell him she is fine he says "But I think she has a plan", that I do not doubt.
Alexis is still a big girl. At her 6 month appointment she weighed in at 19lbs 6oz and was nearly 28 inches. I think she wore 6-9 month sized clothing for a week.

She is kind of a serious gal (I have no idea how that happened). Matthew smiled constantly as a baby and you've got to work hard most of the time to get Alexis to smile (well I don't so much, but most people do). She is loud and does not hide her emotions. When she is happy she is happy and when she is upset plug your ears to prevent hearing loss. My mom doesn't think she has ever encountered such a sassy baby before in her life. I will tell you though at this point she just makes me laugh. I have a feeling she is going to be a tough gal because everytime Matthew is doing something with her and I am about to say "Oh please be more gentle with her", she starts cracking up about whatever her brother is doing to her.

Yesterday at church we took part in the baby dedication with Alexis. She did great and even let the pastor hold her without screaming, very impressive. We are so very thankful that God chose to bless us with our sweet and sassy baby girl!