Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boy, Girl,

BOY!!! We are having another boy! We are SO excited!

I have to admit I was nervous (maybe terrified is more accurate) when I thought about the idea of having 2 girls less than 2 years apart. Our little Alexis makes me smile till my cheeks hurt and laugh till my stomach hurts and I am beyond thankful and blessed to have her, but boy is she a sassy little thing. I think she may just be all the girl I am able to handle and apparently God thought so too!

Now we are thinking of names. I wanted another boy, but I was way more prepared to name another girl. Erik and I seem to agree easier on girl names. Thankfully we have plenty of time to decide. Matthew is still on a major Mario kick, so his name suggestion is Luigi. I told him if his baby brother came out wearing green overalls, speaking with an Italian accent, and carrying a Nintendo controller we will most definitely name him Luigi, so now you know what Matthew is praying for these days.

Friday, May 7, 2010

3 is.......

The amount of times Matthew asks me per minute if he can pretend to be some fictional character from a book, movie, or video game.

The number of times I tell Matthew per minute he can be whichever character he asked to be.

The number of times I have been to Walmart in the last week.

The number of months since I have last posted, haha..... I don't think it has quite been that long, but close enough.

The number of printers we have sitting around in our office/scrapbooking room/toy room/"there is no other place to put this thing" room.

The number of times Alexis has smiled at a complete stranger in her whole entire life thus far.

The amount of times each hour Alexis is tackled and a treasured object (belonging to her brother) is ripped from her hand.

The number of times each hour Alexis finds her brother tackling her absolutely hillarious.

The number of children we will have in our family by Thanksgiving 2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello again....

It has been awhile. As you may have discovered my New Year's resolution was not to blog more, or maybe you thought it was and I am just really terrible with resolutions which probably isn't that far from the truth. I wonder if there is like a "worst blogger of the year" award because if there is I am definitely on pace to bring home that trophy.
So there is a whole lot of normal going on here mixed in with some new stuff every once in awhile. Alexis turned 1 nearly 2 weeks ago. She just lived the fastest year ever! I hate that it seems like she is growing up so fast but at the same time it is so fun to see all the new things she can do. She is taking lots of steps. She is VERY independent. She is talking lots. She screams like she is mortally wounded whenever she doesn't get exactly what she wants. She eats just about anything (including lady bugs). She thinks her brother is absolutely hilarious. She does not talk (or smile) at strangers. And I just love her to pieces.
Matthew has discovered video games. I got out the old Nintendo a few months ago and he is completely in love with Mario! At first he called it the "Wii gaming system" which was great since it is pretty near the oldest video game system on the planet. Then we got a Wii from my parents for Christmas, so video game name confusion set in. Just recently he discovered the systems were made by the same company, so now he calls the Nintendo the "Wiitendo". It is great having the old Nintendo out. There are lots of good old Nintendo memories. I did nearly pass out the day we hooked it up though because of all the blowing necessary-Nintendo owners past and present you know what I mean (Rachel and Angela I was SO close to calling that help line number located just inside the flap). So Matthew is in love and asks 7,567 times a day if he can play some kind of video game. He has gotten pretty good and I can't help but love that he thinks I am the coolest person alive when I beat a level for him that he can't beat.

I am watching a little baby friend of ours three days a week now. She just turned 7 months old. I thought Alexis would be ridiculously jealous but she isn't really at all. She loves her baby friend. Alexis and her baby friend are only 5 months apart so that is nice most of the time mixed with some crazy at feeding time since both girls hate to see anyone eating if they are not, regardless of their actual hunger. Matthew does pretty well with the girls. He actually acknowledges they exist and on the rarest of occasions, if he doesn't think anyone is watching he tries to keep one or both of them from crying with some dancing, singing, or crazy faces.

I wanted to put on more pictures but it is taking forever and being crazy so I will put up more later, maybe even before Alexis turns 2.