Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Freedom

A really great thing happened last week! Since my parents got a new vehicle they graciously offered to allow us to borrow the PT Crusier that my Dad used to drive. This means I can go to Walmart, the libary, the playground or even Target whenever I want!!!

My dear Mother has been driving Matthew and I around these last few months to Dr. appointments and wherever else we absolutely had to go while Erik was at work (thanks Mom, I don't know what we would do without you). It has been nearly 5 months that we have been without a second car. That sounds like a long time, but I can happily report that it doesn't feel like it has been that long. I have not minded being at home and only felt "stuck" once or twice. I generally like being at home and I can even say there were many times it felt like a relief to have an excuse to not be out and about.

With that being said, we are all very excited to have another vehicle. Erik is excited about not driving the "Mom-mobile", Matthew is super excited about getting to go to the library and playground, surely Alexis must be excited too because she loves to ride in the car and seems to also approve of the shopping cart and I am actually excited about getting back to grocery shopping on a weekday!

A big thanks to my parents for their generosity!

Also, a funny thing happened when my parent's brought the car last weekend. My Dad went out to the car to get something and as he was closing the car door the alarm started going off. Dad got back in the car and tried to turn it off. All was quiet for a moment and just as he was walking back to the house, the alarm sounded again. He got back into the car and was pushing buttons, even starting the vehicle to turn it off. As the alarm continues blaring my Dad is just baffled, quickly trying to find the solution and Erik is at the door throwing out suggestions. Matthew is looking out the window saying "Papine, what are you doing?" and giggling. I notice he is holding something. I get closer for a better look and discover he is holding the car remote and pressing the red button clearly labeled "PANIC".


I have a couple of friends I am praying for lots lately and I thought I would share a little so that you guys would keep them in your prayers as well.

My good friend from high school Jenney has a precious baby boy who is sick. Baby J is in the hospital and they are doing some testing to see what is going on inside his little body. He is eight months old, just as adorable as can be and is having a hard time putting on weight. I have a link to Jenney's blog on the side.

A dear family friend of ours needs prayer also. She really is practically family. She has been like a 2nd mom to me as long as I can remember. We will call her Sweet Miss G on here because she is just one of the sweetest people in the world! Well Sweet Miss G's body needs some healing. I cannot even begin to explain the whats, whys and hows, but there are some very important and tricky procedures to be done in the near future.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy One Month (yesterday) Baby

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Boy's Best Day Ever

Matthew has been in love with monster trucks for the last few months. It all started when there was some sort of Monster Jam marathon on Christmas day and he watched some at my parent's house. He was immediately hooked. He started running around the house like "Blue Thunder" and telling people at Walmart about "Grave Digger". Recently, he received a few of these trucks from the grandmas and baby sister Alexis bought him one when she arrived. These trucks go EVERYWHERE with him. They even sleep in his bed (yeah, yeah I am a sucker like that).

A few weeks ago we heard Monster Jam was coming to town. We knew Matthew would love it if he could get over the the loud noise. Matthew is not good with loud sounds. Of course, Erik got him the ear muff things, which Matthew calls his Ipods. Matthew and Erik went yesterday to see the show with Papine (my dad) and Uncle Chip. He did good with the noise and enjoyed himself for the first hour. Then Uncle Chip reported reading Matthew's lips saying this to Erik "I am ready to go home now Daddy." It is a long time to sit for a little guy. So in order to help the little dude last through the show Erik got suckered into purchasing some over-priced snacks in souvenir Monster Jam packaging.

I did forget to mention Matthew also received a huge monster truck from Amber and Chip before the show, so it was a day full of monster truck fun.

Erik was kind enough to tote around the camera and take pictures to make his picture crazy wife happy. Matthew also took his camera to document the all important event. I love that he just had to take his camera too! I also love that before he left he (without prompting) kissed his sister goodbye because it was the first time he has gone somewhere without her.

That big truck that Uncle Chip has is his new one. Excuse Matthew's grumpy face this was after the show when he was beyond tired. Thank you Uncle Amber and Aunt Chip (haha) for the new truck and for putting up with cranky Matthew.
The famous "Grave Digger"

The over-priced souvenirs (a little fuzzy).
Some things Matthew has said today about his monster truck experience:
"My Ipods saved the day"
Matthew: "Is it ok if I call Papine, Alan?"
Me: "No"
Matthew: "Well is it ok if I call him Alan, just when I tell you a story about the monster trucks from yesterday?"

Also, it turns out that Matthew's "Ipods" not only can block out loud monster truck sounds, but also screaming baby sister sounds. These have actually "saved the day" at home as well!