Friday, February 20, 2009

Hospital Favorites

I got some pretty cool things from the hospital. I thought I would share my top four (ok so there are only four). Some of you may know that when you are in the hospital and you are packing to go home, you take home everything that isn't bolted to the floor. You will pay for every tissue that was provided whether you use it or not, so you might as well take it home (even if the tissues are so rough they make you look like Rudolph after the first blow). Erik was pretty excited when I told him about the "take everything that isn't bolted to the floor rule". He was already mentally placing the tv cabinet in our living room. Unfortunately, the cabinet wouldn't fit in the van so we had to leave that behind.

1. New Accessories

I did receive 4 new beautiful bracelets, custom made and personalized just for me. My personal favorite is the orange "FALL PREVENTION" one. At first I was a bit skeptical that a bracelet boasting of prevention would keep me from falling, but I have to tell you I didn't fall the whole time I wore it, so it must really work. With my falling history, it probably would have been wise to keep that one on forever.

2. New Apparel

The nurses put Alexis' little footprints on this shirt for Erik. I thought that was a really cute idea. For some reason it looks like her left foot is alot smaller than her right, now that I look at this. I will have to look into that.

3. New Cup

I am absolutely crazy about what I drink my water in. When we were first taken to our room I saw this beautiful cup on the tray. As soon as the nurse left, I said to Erik "Look at that cup. I get to keep that! Take a picture of it." I absolutely could not wait until they decided I was well enough after the surgery to have some ice water in that thing! I think I may have to check on the hospital's website to see if they sell these because having 2 would not be too many. Or maybe, I will just have to keep having babies to get more, I don't know, we'll see.

4. New Baby

Last, but most certainly not the least, Alexis is my most favorite thing we brought home from the hospital.

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Weeks With Our Girl

I can't believe Alexis has already been with us for almost 2 weeks! Everyone here is doing well. I was pretty nervous about having another c-section. It went so much better this time than the first. In my experience, a scheduled c-section is a million times better than an emergency one. I felt better the second day this time than I did the fifth day with Matthew.
My nurses and doctor were great. One of the nurses found out that Matthew weighed 9lbs 10oz when he was born and she told everyone in the operating room. They were all so excited to see how much Alexis would weigh, I thought they were going to start a pool right then and there guessing her weight. This time I was completely with it and I got to see her pouty little face right after they pulled her out. I also got to hear her scream and scream as they cleaned her up. I thought for sure she was going to be a feisty one with the way she was wailing. Matthew also is doing so much better with all of the change then I anticipated. He did so well at my parent's house. I was so afraid he would be upset leaving the hospital, that he would feel left out when Erik and I stayed there with the baby, but he didn't mind at all. It could have been because he got a few happy meals and monster trucks (monster trucks have an amazing power over our boy these days). The day Alexis was born he went to Build a Bear and made her a pink monkey, which he named Missy (that was his second choice after homeboy I have been told). He picked out a satin nightgown and robe for her to wear, the monkey that is not Alexis.

So far Matthew has not paid too much attention to Alexis. He has held her twice. The first day we were home he asked to hold her and yesterday I bribed him with candy so I could get a picture. Last week, he was upstairs for awhile in her room. He came out asking me to carry something down. It turns out he had found the legs to his old music table and attached them for his baby sister. Then he, of course, played some music for her. That was pretty sweet! Oh and he would wear his big brother shirt everyday if I let him.
So far, Alexis has been an amazingly good baby. The last couple of nights she has been a little fussy at bed time. Before that she just would let out these little cries every few hours to be fed. She sleeps ALOT! Which is a complete turn around from my boy when he was a baby, he never slept. Matthew hates when she cries (and I'm pretty sure it is not because he can't stand to see his little sister upset), but I think she probably only cries about 10 minutes a day and he plugs his ears for every one of those minutes. I seriously have been working on this post for too long! I have had to change the title to weeks instead of week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

She's here!

While many of you get to indulge in Megan's witty and humorous writings, for this post you will be forced to suffer through more of a mundane message from me (Erik he husband). Alexis Mikaela Smith arrived on February 5, 2009 weighing 8 lbs, 8 oz and was 21 1/4 inches in length. Baby and momma are doing well. Megan being her stubborn self refuses to rest, already brushing her teeth and trying to clean up the hospital room a little not even 24 hours after the c-section. She also is back at it feeding her Fox News addiction even though she knows it is so important to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. She says not to worry though, she doesn't get worked up. Do not believe that statement as I assure you it is false. I am sure a strong rebuttal will come against these comments though as soon as she is able...or can steal the laptop from me.

Any ways, thank you for attempting to be interested in my musings. We all know what you really want though so here she is...Alexis! Hope you enjoy these pictures and look for updates from Megan in the very near future.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost Time

Tomorrow is the day we meet our baby girl! I am very excited, a little nervous, but I think mostly I am not going to believe it is really happening until I see her precious little face.

Erik was off today and will be off until Monday so that it is also very exciting. Today we took Matthew to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. He had a blast! We played games, ate pizza and won some tickets. It was great, I must say the amount of tickets they were asking for certain things was crazy, but Matthew didn't seem to mind. Then Erik thought maybe we should stop at Walmart and get Matthew something a little special. Matthew is really in to monster trucks right now so he was beyond delighted to pick one out to actually take home. Matthew said "Daddy is really (s)poiling me today". It was a super fun day.

Mom came this evening to take Matthew to her house. We have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 5:30, so she was nice enough to take him this evening. Matthew knows his baby sister is coming soon, but he does not know it is going to be tomorrow. I am really praying he will do well at Mom and Dad's. He has spent the night with them plenty of times before but just one night at a time. I must say me and my boy are tight and I am going to miss not being with him as much the next couple of days. One a side night, he has been SO good, near angelic the last few days and he keeps referring to me as "my sweet little cupcake". How cute is that? Boy, do I love that kid.

I will post pictures just as soon as I possibly can! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!