Thursday, September 18, 2008

The results are in....

It's a girl! I am honestly just in complete shock. I was really expecting it to be a boy. Don't get me wrong I am very excited, but I have just spent the last 4 years picking out blue clothes and for some reason I just wasn't expecting to see any pink in my immediate future.
Matthew went with us this morning to the ultrasound and he did very well. As soon as the ultrasound tech came out to the waiting room to fetch us Matthew decided he liked her and quickly told her so. He asked her a few questions, always with a polite "Excuse me Dr." to begin his question. He wasn't a big fan of having the lights off or hearing the heart beat which was a bit loud. After the appointment he told everyone who even looked in his general direction about seeing his baby sister jump around in his Mama's tummy. He told Erik later "I am going to tell everyone in the whole wide world about my baby sister".
So I have a video of him doing just that. Erik just got me a new camera for our anniversary and my birthday that takes video so it is all kinda new to me. I am going to try to figure out how to post it. If it doesn't work, all you smart people who know how to do that feel free to comment and instruct me on how to do so, thanks!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's it gonna be?

Thursday morning we will find out if I will become even more outnumbered and continue to be the lone female in our home or if things will get evened out around here. I am kinda feeling like it's a boy (but what do I know) and Erik and I think it would be fun for Matthew to have a brother. Of course a girl would be fun and different too (and we all know girl clothes are way cuter than boy's). Either way we are VERY excited to find out!
Matthew in the past weeks has been very adamant one way or the other. He was completely convinced at first that it was going to be a girl and refused to believe a baby brother could even be an option. The last few weeks he has alternated between the two, one week he is completely sure it is a brother the next week he is 100% sure it is a sister. This week when asked he says "I think it is going to just be a baby." He certainly can't go wrong with that prediction.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Dog Walking Venture

Are you tired of walking your dog? Does it just seem like there is not enough time in the day to properly walk your dog? Does your dog wear you out?

Look no further. We can help you with your walking woes. Let Matthew take care of all of your dog walking needs. You will never have to walk your dog again. Matthew has the energy and experience you are looking for.

Here is some photo evidence of his superior dog walking abilities. Matthew has the know how to walk any dog at any speed depending on the dog's individual needs.
Matthew will let your dog run while keeping complete control of the animal.
He will let your dog take a leisurely stroll if that is what your dog wants to do, with time to enjoy the great outdoors.
Matthew can even walk your dog while it naps. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Your dog no longer needs to lift a paw or even be awake to be walked by Matthew.
**(A note to concerned dog-lovers, don't worry, no dogs were hurt during this photo session)
So call now to schedule your first walk session. First session is free! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with Matthew's Dog Walking we will probably not refund your money and you can once again walk your dog yourself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Matthew's Thoughts on Pregnancy

To his grandma: "My Mama has a baby growing in her tummy. I have a puppy growing in my tummy. I can't wait till the puppy comes out so I can play with him."
(I am personally crossing my fingers and hoping that puppy is a Newfoundland because I have always wanted one of those. If my wish comes true though, Matthew is gonna get HUGE.)

About a week after we told Matthew about the baby I wasn't feeling so well. I had already explained to him the day before that sometimes because of the baby I wouldn't feel well. He asked me to play and I told him I needed to rest for just a minute. The sweet child ran to get me my crackers. As he hands me the crackers he says grumpily "What is taking this baby so long?".

I wanted to look up something in my pregnancy book and when I was finished I just put the book down on the end table. Matthew decided he was going to look through it. He came upon a sketch of a pregnant woman. After seeing the picture of a baby actually in the sketched woman's stomach, he looks at me very seriously and says "Um, Mama did you eat a baby?".