Friday, April 27, 2007

The Giraffe's Best Day Ever

It must be true that extreme situations can bring people together (or stuffed animals). Today Matthew had to go to the Dr. for another staph infection (a super sore booboo which he has been getting ALOT in the last few months). Well these appointments are not fun and today was the most unfun of all. The Dr. has to get the infection out which involves cutting and squeezing that super sore booboo. Well, somehow this unsuspecting and otherwise ignored giraffe (I am sure if this giraffe could speak or move we would have heard and seen his excitement, disbelief and amazement) was picked by Matthew to accompany him to this appointment.

The giraffe turned out to be a worthy and excellent companion. We were all glad he came. Today a bond was created that will not easily be broken (unless of course another stuffed animal catches Matthew's eye, or more than likely a Matchbox car).
But for today the giraffe will rejoice he was chosen and I will love seeing Matthew being snuggly with a stuffed animal and take their picture numerous times. Will the giraffe be remembered tomorrow for his heroic actions today? Probably not, in fact I think he will be lucky if he can keep riding this best buddy train until dinner, but at least we will have these pictures and I am positive it is the giraffe's best day (or half day) ever!


The Queen said...

Awwww...poor Matthew! :( I am so glad he has such a nice soft animal to take care of him! (And a nice Mommy too). Love you guys!