Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Another Trusty Old Friend

Matthew, apparently in the mode of getting rid of all things baby, decided to be done with his womb bear this week and send him into early (not real early, just earlier than I thought) retirement. Don't worry, the womb bear received a decent severance package and will be living in the "baby closet" until another little one needs comforting (he initially wanted to use his time off to travel but has since found the closet to be quite relaxing).

Matthew tossed the bear out of the crib and when I inquired, he simply said "I don't like him anymore".

For those of you who have never heard of a womb bear, it is just a stuffed animal with a box inside that plays a recording of actual womb sounds. Don't ask me how they recorded these sounds, I just know Matthew NEEDED it when he was a baby to drift off to sleep and as he has grown a bit it helps drown out some outside noise so he can fall asleep.

This bear has been essential. He has been a part of the family since February 2005. I searched and searched to find him on the internet and payed 40 whole dollars for him. Now for those of you who know me and my spending habits, know that is HUGE (I generally don't buy anything over $10 unless it is absolutely vital to keep our hearts beating, blood pumping, and stomachs from starving).

Before the bear we had this little light that attached to the crib and it would light up and play the womb sounds when Matthew would cry. This product was great except the sounds only lasted 5 minutes and it turned on only when someone was crying. Now this was when Matthew was just a couple of months old and he would be nearly sleeping when the womb sounds turned off. I was, of course, sleep deprived, loony, and desperate to have a sleeping baby to call my own, so I would watch the clock, sprint on my tip toes, jump over the 3 squeaky floor boards into Matthew's room seconds before the 5 minute mark, and say "wah, wah, waaaah" quietly into the sensor to keep the womb sounds playing without disturbing my bundle of sleepless nights, I mean joy. Erik showed his support by laughing uncontrollably on the other end of the monitor while I was fake crying. Needless to say, I was very happy (nearly to the point of real tears) to find a womb bear with the sounds that played for 40 long luxurious minutes and could be turned on and off with the flip of a switch.

Now the bear's services are no longer necessary, my baby is growing up.......Wah, wah, waaaaah.


Jenny said...

I never knew about womb bears! Geesh! Very cute and very big boy like for Matthew! Gosh I feel like by the next time I see him he might be shaving or somethin! Hahaha. Just kidding. What a big boy. We miss you guys!!

The Queen said...

I still don't know how you made it those first two years! Wow- Matthew was a terrible sleeper, and if I ever doubted you just knowing you paid for something called a 'womb bear' would have confirmed any doubts I had. I on the other had would have ten of them by now (what a cool name- 'womb bear!')if it hadn't been for your restraining influence and good example with money in my life. Well, that and I married my husband who could be YOUR twin! :)