Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BIG Snow in the South

It has officially been FOREVER, since I posted last. It is not that our life has been free of humor or activity I just was too lazy to write about it. Anyway, tonight here in TN we are receiving winter-like weather. In fact, we have a winter weather advisory currently in effect. It stopped snowing 3 hours ago leaving us with a light dusting of snow (possibly an accumulation of half an inch). There is absolutely no snow on the roads. EVERY school within a 25 mile radius has been cancelled for tomorrow. I saw on the local news that people were flocking to the stores at first sight of snow to stock up on essentials (milk, beer, cigarettes and bread..not necessarily in that order, but it was the order that the cashier interviewed used). Dearest family and friends do not worry about us, we have a couple of days supply of bread and milk (and we can live without the other 2 local "essentials").


Jenny said...

Hahaha. Be careful driving on that 1/2 inch dusting of snow. That's some serious stuff! Hahaha. Luv ya!

The Queen said...

Far cry from those Michigan storms you're used to. Didn't used to start snowing there like in July? :) That is SO hilarious! It's pretty anyways! I guess all the southern kids are happy! We had snow and rain (yucky combination if you ask me) today.

Anonymous said...

LOL. You could impress all your neighbors with your driving skills during that major storm. Well, maybe not...then you could become the designated driver to get supplys! Mmmmmm. you could charge a decent rate and make a killing! A whole new type of business only you couldn't count on it for a regular income.