Thursday, May 29, 2008


A few months ago I purchased a gigantic workout ball. I must admit that I was very excited about this purchase. The workout method looked way too fun to be painful. I felt like I had found the perfect way to get in shape. And, of course I saw Dwight on "The Office" using one ("forget everything you know about ab workouts"), so needless to say I was sold. This gigantic ball workout had everything I was looking for; something fun that I would actually look forward to and of course abs of steel.

I have yet to receive my abs of steel. It is for sure my fault though because I have not been so great at actually doing the workout. It was becoming like all my other workout videos, you know the ones where I think about doing it but then I decide I will just go for a walk instead. That I think is the gigantic ball exercise creator people's fault because it was not nearly as fun and painless as I anticipated. I mean my abs hurt the day after! So my new idea was to do the workout with Matthew because he would think it was great fun (also then I wouldn't have to do it during the precious nap, yeah that was my main goal-don't use up the precious nap hour).

So I got Matthew excited about it. He got out this big ball he has, it is not of course meant for working out, but since he is light it works. So we did it. Matthew is actually suprisingly good at following the workout lady's instructions (in fact, I think he did way better than me). I had to take a few pictures of him, which of course turned into him taking 578 pictures of me. I had to delete most of them because they were not flattering as he took most of them from behind me while I was on the ball. It was a blast. So it turns out the gigantic ball workout is fun after all, I guess I just needed the right workout partner.

The only picture of me suitable for public view. Also please notice above that Matthew's socks do not match and know that is all my doing. He complained for about 15 minutes about the socks but I finally convinced him it was ok.


Angela said...

just reading your posts makes me miss you!

The Queen said...

HAHAHAA! I thought you were supposed to be taking embarrassing pictures of your kids not the other way around! At 16 when Matthew's first girlfriend comes over for their first date he is going to whip out a photo album of all the embarrassing picture he took of YOU over the years!!!
And I hear you on the excersize video- ug. I'm impressed you got a big ball though! Go Megan! I got a pilates video which I've been surprisingly faithful (at least for a few weeks), but most nights I would rather sit on the couch and drink a rootbeer float. Most of it is stretching though, and I get out of putting the girls to bed when I do it. That's incentive!

kristykh said...

Aww! How cute!