Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As Seen on TV

Matthew LOVES commercials. Not just the toy and kid kind of commercials, he loves all commercials. He also enjoys memorizing those commercials. In the mornings, he typically watches a show or two on NickJr and that is where he gets his sales material.
Here are a few favorites:

Aqua Globes: "Mama, you need Aqua Globes. You will never need to water your plants again."
The fact that I do not have any indoor plants seems to be irrelevant.

Swivel Sweeper: He says, "I want to play in the backyard."
I say: "The backyard is kinda yucky right now, Daddy and I will have to clean it up first." To explain our backyard is pretty much a ditch and everything from our street (water, leaves, garbage) ends up in our backyard, so we generally play in the front.
He says: "If you had a Swivel Sweeper I would clean it up for you. The Swivel Sweeper can pick up anything."
My Mom happened to purchase this sweeper. When Matthew saw it he hugged it and says "Oh I am so happy to see you Swivel Sweeper."

Green Bags: My little salesman says, "Daddy, stop throwing away your money. Air is not the enemy. With Green Bags you will never again throw away rotten fruits and vegetables."
My Mom happened to purchase these too. (I think Matthew may be selling her on these things) She happened to have bananas in the green bag and a few out. He spots the bananas and says "See the difference in these bananas, Mama. Air is not the enemy."

Band-Aid Brand Bandages: Last weekend Matthew fell in a parking lot and got a cut that was really bleeding so we had to stop at Walgreen's to buy some band aids since we weren't headed home. My Mom ran into the store and bought the first bandages see saw, which happened to be the Walgreen's brand. So, we put the bandage on and later that night Matthew went to bed with it on. The next morning I hear him crying as soon as he wakes up which is pretty odd. I hurry up to his room to see what the problem is. He is sitting on his bed looking at his bandage that got a little roughed up in the night and was no longer covering his cut, but still sticking to his arm and says in a weepy voice "This band aid doesn't stick as well as the leading brand."

His future in sales is looking pretty bright.


Jenny said...

How precious! I can picture him saying those things now. The bandaid one was especially cute. Hahaha. He is so funny!

JJJ&J Dray said...

That is so so funny. I need to meet Matthew, and I think he should be featured in his own sitcom. James also loves commercials,but can't talk so well as to repeat them. However, his GM working "Pop Pop" is sooo happy that he sings "we go we go we go" as we get in the van to immitate the Toyota commercial that sings "Here we go, here we go, here we go now". He doesn't have brand loyalty down as well as Matthew does apparently. Is tutoring available online from your budding salesman?

MARY SMITH said...


Megan said...

Yes Jenney, online tutoring will be made available. There will be limited admission so be sure to sign up early. Registration will begin in August.

Erin said...

Oh my... You definitely need to get him on tape. Hilarious!

The Queen said...

That is hilarious. Matthew and I were once again rolling on the floor laughing!!! He is one smart little kid. Wow- I don't think you really need to buy him anymore toys. You could just get him a sweeper or some bags. He'd probably be ecstatic! What a cutie!

kristykh said...

Hahaha! What a stinker!