Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter pics and other stuff

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope everybody else did too!

On Friday morning my Mom brought over eggs for Matthew to color. He had a great time dropping every egg in every color so that by the time he was through no one was able to identify the color of any of them. My personal favorite is one he named "the eye of danger". On Friday afternoon, there were some really severe storms throughout the whole state. I decided it might be a good time to clean out our severe storm safety bunker (a.k.a. our teeny tiny coat closet). We had a tornado warning and very strong winds and rain. We lost power for only about 20 minutes. Matthew thought it would be fun to hang out in the closet, so we did for awhile. He was making shadow creatures with the light from my cell phone and taking pics in the dark. Alexis was not nearly as fond of closet time.
Easter Sunday we went to church and then over to my parents to eat and have an egg hunt. Erik was asked to play the drums for a song on Sunday and it was awesome. Alexis was crowned best behaved baby in the nursery on Easter! I did not expect a nomination in that category let alone a win. She often snags the cranky pants of the day award here at home. The last few days have been good though so maybe she is growing out of the crankies.
You can tell by this picture that Alexis is obviously a huge fan of dressing up. This was her first time wearing a dress.

Matthew got the Bolt movie (a new Disney movie starring a dog) in his Easter basket so he was, of course, Bolt most of the day. Erik said to him at one point "I love you, buddy." Matthew says "Ok, I am still Bolt, but I appreciate your love for dogs."

Yesterday was Erik's birthday. We got to go to a grown up dinner all on our own where people serve you. It was awesome. On a side note, I ate ALL of my dinner and Erik had to box his up and bring it home (due to some bread and appetizer eating and yes Josh if you are reading this that totally makes me the papa bear). Also, Alexis was actually a good girl while we were gone, despite the fact that her favorite evening pastime is screaming. She did start crying though as soon as she heard my voice just to make me feel missed..what a sweetie! And Matthew was all weepy saying "I weally missed you" and kissed me on the head. I adore my job of caring for these precious little people and my Erik!


Angela said...

I'm soooo glad to see that Erik's cell phone made it into the family portrait-praise God!!!

Jenny said...

I love the post Megan! "The Eye of Danger" cracks me up! I love his imagination. And you all look great! *hugs*

Josh said...

If you are Papa Bear does that make me Baby Bear? The thought of Erik as Mama Bear is pretty funny but fitting.