Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Every morning when I get Matthew out of his crib he is soaked! I, of course, know why he is soaked (and I am sure all of you can figure it out too). Matthew, however, seems to think that I am clueless about the origin of the wetness . So, for about the last week he has given me these reasons for the saturation:
1. "My sippy cup got on me, Mama."
2. "Storm, woke me up. Rain got me."
3. "I sweating"
4. "The cats do this, Mama. Emma, that enough."
So, as any good mother would, I got new sippy cups to avoid spilling, checked to make sure the windows are securely closed so that no rain can enter, turned up the fan in Matthew's room to prevent perspiration, and severely reprimanded the cats (who, by the way, aren't even allowed in his room when he is sleeping). But for some reason the soaking wet problem still persists!


The Queen said...

Ha, ha! That is so funny! Matthew sounds like such a cute funny little guy! My mom and I really want to try and make down there this fall! I hope we can. Love you!

Rachel said...

This was my favorite Matthew story so far! He is so hilarious! You are such a good story teller, too! Thanks for sharing :)