Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not the Response He was Looking for

At dinner last night, Erik and Matthew are looking out the window talking about animals and bugs that they see. Matthew says something to the effect of wanting to be an animal so.....

Erik says "What animal would you like to be?".

Matthew replies "A pony".

Erik is a bit disappointed, hoping for a more manly animal. I think it has to do with the word used, a horse would have been alright to say, but maybe a pony was just a little too close for comfort to the girly line (for example My Little Ponies -very girly, if there were such a thing as My Little Horses--maybe boys could have played with them too, minus the long flowing colorful hair, of course).

Erik says,"What about a tiger, Matthew, wouldn't you like to be a tiger? Or a lion? A snake?", obviously trying to sell him on a more manly, no where near sissy, sort of animal.

Matthew answers excitedly "No, I want to be ladybug".


Jenny said...

Oh, your killin me girl! LOL Too funny! You tell my brother to let sweet Matthew be whatever it is he wants! I am sure I could pull up a few stories as ammunition on Erik but he turned out just fine ....right? Just kidding. Love ya guys!

Jenny said...

Oh....by the way. I might have a ladybug Halloween costume stored away somewhere if you'd like to borrow......hahahaha

The Queen said...

HAHA! That is SO cute! It IS funny the expectations we put on our sons and not our daughters! Remember when Andrew wanted to change his name to "Little Turtle"? Sorta reminds me of that!