Friday, October 5, 2007

Wild Creatures

Matthew is very fond of "wild creatures" and has been for most of this year. He has been talking about "wild creatures" since March I think. I don't know where these words came from. I certainly didn't teach him to call any living non-human thing a wild creature (I do seriously suspect Diego had something to do with it though). We have spent countless hours searching for these creatures outdoors. Thankfully bugs count, so they aren't too hard to come by!

Matthew has recently fallen in love with the tv channel Animal Planet. He loves watching anything on there (even shows with snakes much to my dismay). So last week he saw the show with Jeff Corwin. There was a big tiger and the man was talking about his paws and pads, fur, ears, and all the other parts. So my little Jeff Corwin calls me over to view our very own snoozing beast: Mac the cat.

Matthew (or little Jeff) says: "See the wild creature. He in his cave sleeping."
He picks up his paw and shows me, "See he's paw and he's pads on he's paws." The beast sleeps on. So then Matthew goes for the tail, "This is he's long tail." Then he tries opening the beasts mouth. The beast wakes and starts walking away. Matthew says in a whisper while crawling on his hands and knees "Let's follow him." We trail him for quite some time with Matthew's "spotting scope" in hand (not because we need it or that it would even work if we did need it, but because wild creature hunts require such equipment). Whenever the creature stopped Matthew explained more of the beast's body parts until we had pretty much covered it all. It was very informational. We are very thankful to have had such a cooperative creature to work with because we know others (ie..Emma the other beast that resides in the Smith house) would not have been nearly so accommodating.

I love the way Matthew's little mind works. And I absolutely adore an African safari that can take place in the comfort of my own home.


The Queen said...

Hmmmm...reminds me of a little girl who used to dress up her gray cat in baby doll cloths and rock the cat like a baby.

Jenny said...

How sweet!