Wednesday, November 7, 2007


For the last month Matthew has been very interested in skeletons. I think it all started with dinosaur books, they always have the skeletons. He has a book all about skeletons that show different animal skeletons and human ones as well. He talks constantly about his skeleton. In the book at the beginning it says something to the effect of, if you did not have any bones you would be as shapeless as a jellyfish. I know this without looking because Matthew tells everyone this little fun fact. This is what he says to nearly everyone within shouting distance "Hi. My name Matthew. If I didn't have my skeleton I be a jellyfish". I am really quite proud of him for remembering everything I read him. It is however a funny thing for a nearly 3 year old to talk about, not to mention he does not say skeleton perfectly, so when he says it people look to me for a translation. Being the only known translator of Mattish, I am obligated to say "Hi. My name Matthew. If I didn't have my skeleton I be a jellyfish" in perfect adult English. Some people look at me like they think I just made up the skeleton part myself (it would be really funny if I did make things up in translation, I don't but I may start).

Matthew has been very excited seeing Halloween stuff in the stores because of all the skeletons. My Mom even found him a skeleton shirt last week that glows in the dark. This Halloween was the first year Matthew dressed up. I had gotten him a Thomas the train costume a couple of weeks ago on sale (YES!!!). So we dressed him up and took him to a couple of houses in our neighborhood. He knocked, said "trick or treat"and "thank you", went "whooo-hooo" when anyone asked him about his costume, told one lady her candle inside of her house smelled good, and kissed a couple of dogs. When we got home we sat outside and handed out candy. Matthew decided he would like to wear his skeleton shirt. I thought he would just enjoy seeing it glow in the dark and have fun seeing other kids dressed up. He decided to run around the yard saying "boo" to all the kids that entered. He made sure he said "boo" to everyone (even the parents driving by slowly watching their kids) and often added "I a skeleton, I spoooookyy". Most of the kids were older and just laughed or pretended to be scared. It was pretty funny. Our neighbors across the street always have a big spooky set up, they go all out, so it was fun being across the street having my little spooky skeleton make everyone laugh. I think I may rent him out next year!


Jenny said...

How very cute and quite impressive I must say! Matthew is the smartest little boy. Love you Matthew!

The Queen said...

THAT is SO Cute! So glad to see some new pics! :) Do you know? Sabrina has been VERY interested in skeletons as well, but she calls them "bones." She was on a bones kick just recently, and I got asked no less than 20 times a day, "Mommy, what do bones do? Mommy, why do we have bones? Mommy, what is inside our bones?" I finally bought her a little health book (age appropriate that is). We are still VERY interested in "bones" though.