Friday, March 28, 2008

Dot Com

Matthew has been very interested in the internet for the last few months. His Papine (my dad) shows him speed boats, airplanes, bugs, cars, and big trucks on the internet. Recenlty, he learned that you can find information there. While we were reading "Finding Nemo" he became interested in anglerfish and was asking me questions about them (which I of course know nothing about it, except they are pretty ugly according to the Nemo movie and book). So I said "Sorry honey I don't know anything about anglerfish, but we can look on the internet tomorrow and find out more about them."
As soon as he woke up the next morning he says "Let's check on the innanet for anglerfish. Go to"
That is how it all started, now he wants to seek the information highway for all of his many questions.
Outside he says, "Mama, what is this bug's name."
I say "Hmmm, I am not sure."
He says, "Oh we better check on the innanet on"

At my parent's house while washing his hands he smells the soap and asks "What kind of soap is this, Mama."
I say, " I don't know."
He say, "I think we should check on the innanet. Can you go to"

Our neighbors have a pool which he can see from his room. They currently have an inflatable alligator by the pool. Matthew is very intrigued by the alligator.
He says "What is that alligator doing over there?"
He didn't even give me a chance to respond. Maybe he has realized I don't always have the answers.
"Come on, let's go check on the innanet. Just click on"

Thank you, wise "innanet" for having all the I don't have to.


Jenny said...

How very cute!!!! The innanet is great isn't it Matthew?!?!?! Hahaha. He is so darn smart and cute. Love you guys

Mary Smith said...

I just love your stories. Matthew is such a smart little guy. He could help his Grandma Smith find things!

The Queen said...

Matthew read this one with me and said, "That is funny stuff." And I agree! Matthew is hilarious!!! :) He is so cute. We love hearing about his adventures. Sabrina is feeling better, thanks for the prayers. And it is 9:30 and she is STILL sleeping!

Erin Morgan said...

Megan - Your son is the cutest! I hope our little Finnegan is as smart as your little Matthew. I have been reading some of your other posts to my husband and we've been enjoying them! Thanks for drawing our attention to it. I'll check back frequently :) Hugs - erin

Rachel said...

I love your stories, they always make me laugh! Matthew is so funny :)