Friday, April 4, 2008

Multiple Personalities

These days Matthew is rarely Matthew. He spends most of his day pretending to be other people (or animals): Diego, Charlie, a lost puppy, Daddy, or a wild creature guy to name a few. That is great, right? I mean it shows he has a wonderful imagination. It is really great except lately I have been given the supporting actress role in every scenario. Which really in and of itself is not a huge deal if the scripts didn't come every five minutes and the director was not such a perfectionist.
His favorite at the moment is being Charlie and I play his little sister Lola. This is from the books and show appropriately named Charlie and Lola. I really do love Charlie and Lola, the show is hillarious and I have been known to watch it without Matthew. The problem is that this requires a British accent. If my accent slips a bit Matthew gives me a gentle reminder, "Um Mama, I am Charlie and you are Lola, but you are sounding like Mama. We will not be able to be Charlie and Lola if you don't talk like Lola."
When Matthew is Diego I am his older sister Alicia. When he is his Daddy I am Bob, Erik's boss. The lost puppy or kitty scenario is really best for me because it is completely unscripited. And sometimes I get to be an animal myself which requires no words at all. I am very well rounded. I must admit though, the acting can be quite draining and I have at times turned down a role or two (an hour).
It is really a win-win situation though. Matthew is entertained now and later when the time comes for me to return to the work force and if for some reason teaching doesn't work out for me, I always have my acting to fall back on.


Rachel said...

He sounds like such an entertaining guy!

Your Tagged! Check my blog to see what it is all about! ;)

The Queen said...

Aren't you SO glad you have all those years of acting experience to help you out in these stressful times?! :) Diana, Sick Beth, various other parts I cannot for the life of me even remember! They all paved the way for better adult/child interaction. I am SO impressed! You are SUCH a good mom! :)

Erin Morgan said...

You are such a great story teller. I have never met your little boy but I feel like I know his character and his little personality! God Bless you and him!

Jenny said...

How very cute!