Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Info

The baby is due February 6th. I think I am about 15 weeks right now. That picture was from my ultrasound at 11 weeks. We don't know yet if it is a boy or girl but we will find out as soon as we can and I will, of course, do a post about that. Since we lived in VA when I had Matthew this is a completely new Dr. and they do things a bit different so I have no idea when the 2nd ultrasound will be although I assume it should be soon.
Erik and I may not know the sex of the baby yet, however Matthew is quite convinced he is having a baby sister and refuses to accept the fact that it could possibly be a boy. I was actually pregnant when I wrote the baby sister post but I didn't know it until a couple of days later, so I didn't lie, I promise.
Thanks for all of the comments on the previous post!


Angela said...

ok, so that is hilarious because I was just going to see when the date was that you posted the baby sister thingy...and when I read it I'm like...hmm...they are going to be preggo soon-and here you are preggo!!!!!!!!! have some chocolate covered raisins for me:)

The Queen said...

Sabrina has been praying for months now that she would have a baby brother. I guess having a baby sister wasn't good enough?! I think it is SO cute Matthew wants a baby sister! He'll be a good brother no matter what!

Jenny said...

I am kinda torn...I soo think its a girl but I am kinda partial to two boys first then a girl. Not sure why (-: hahaha. The kida and I are super excited for you no matter what! We love you guys!

mary smith said...

Like Jenny, I keep thinking girl. Just a "feeling". But I will be excited about either. I love all my grandbabies.