Friday, August 22, 2008

Lake Winnepesaukah

Last Saturday Erik's company provided the employees tickets and lunch at Lake Winnepesaukah (yeah that is a crazy name isn't it?). Matthew has been wanting to go there really bad because of course he has seen numerous commercials over the last year for the amusement park. The commercial goes something like this "Happy come on get happy, Lake Winnepesaukah will make you smile". So who wouldn't want to go there, right? Well, the park certainly did make Matthew smile. Unfortunately, the smile guarantee must only be for visitors because the majority of the employees were missing theirs.
So since probably none of you have ever been to this park I will tell you about it. Imagine a park that is a combination of Busch Gardens and Sea World with just a tiny bit of Disney World thrown in as well. Lake Winnie (as the locals refer to it) is nothing like that park that you are imagining, but it does have plenty of rides, funnel cakes, a lake with fish in it, and occasionally they get Spongebob or Dora to visit. More realistically it is like a permanent fair or carnival with 2 roller coasters.
Matthew rode lots of little kid rides, a roller coaster and a scary ride. We all got to ride a train and the paddle boats. They don't let pregnant ladies ride too many things, but I had plenty of fun watching Erik and Matthew.

Here Erik and Matthew are getting on the scary ride. I tried to talk him out of it. I mean he gets scared by some Veggies Tales videos, so I thought this ride would be a disaster. Matthew insisted he wanted to go. So he went plugging his ears the whole way. For some reason he always plugs his ears when he is scared, although clearly closing his eyes would be the better choice. I waited for him to come screaming out of the ride, but he did very well. He came running to me when he got off and said "I was just a yittle bit cared" (or a little bit scared).

This is the big roller coaster. Matthew's first one. You can see him putting him hands up in this picture like he is an old pro.

Matthew's first cotton candy. He later shared with my mom his feelings about this experience, "I had cotton candy. I love cotton candy. I love cotton candy like a brother."

We had a great FREE time and the park lived up to it's commercial claims!


Angela said...

you know, I am not the least bit surprised at the things your child says-he's definetly YOUR child:) Glad you had FREE fun:)

The Queen said...

Awwww! He is so cute. And I am waaaayyy jealous of the cotton candy! My husband doesn't let ME buy cotton candy. No fair.
But! I did love seeing the pictures of Matthew enjoying the amusement rides.

Fab Five said...

That looks like so much fun! I hate that we never made it there before the move! I am laughing over your description of "Lake Winnie". -Susan

mary smith said...

How adorable! I just love hearing about the stuff you do and the things Matthew says. Makes me feel like I was there experiencing it. I live for that stuff!
Thanks for sharing.
Mom Smith

Josh said...

Nice name for a lake. Is that like the Takhomasak sign at Steak & Shake? And what's with the Michigan shirt? I obviously need to send you guys some clothes from a real team (ND BABY)!