Thursday, September 4, 2008

Matthew's Thoughts on Pregnancy

To his grandma: "My Mama has a baby growing in her tummy. I have a puppy growing in my tummy. I can't wait till the puppy comes out so I can play with him."
(I am personally crossing my fingers and hoping that puppy is a Newfoundland because I have always wanted one of those. If my wish comes true though, Matthew is gonna get HUGE.)

About a week after we told Matthew about the baby I wasn't feeling so well. I had already explained to him the day before that sometimes because of the baby I wouldn't feel well. He asked me to play and I told him I needed to rest for just a minute. The sweet child ran to get me my crackers. As he hands me the crackers he says grumpily "What is taking this baby so long?".

I wanted to look up something in my pregnancy book and when I was finished I just put the book down on the end table. Matthew decided he was going to look through it. He came upon a sketch of a pregnant woman. After seeing the picture of a baby actually in the sketched woman's stomach, he looks at me very seriously and says "Um, Mama did you eat a baby?".


Angela said...


The Queen said...

Matthew is just SO funny. I say that every time I talk to you, but it's true. He's either going to be a stand up comedian or the next Einstein. Show us a picture of your belly sometime. :)

Jenny said...

I love my nephew! He is so adorable!

Rachel said...

So funny! I love the puppy comment. I wish you lived closer - I sure would like to get to know Matthew because he seems like such a riot!!!