Friday, December 12, 2008

My Neighbors will Surely Thank Me Later for the Entertainment

We are dog sitting this weekend. We have my parent's dog, Zoe. She is a good dog and we have lots of fun with her. The one thing with Zoe is that she is very social and completely unafraid of cars, so when she goes out a leash is absolutely necessary.

Earlier today, I tried to get her leash on her and she wasn't really into that and while I was trying to convince her otherwise she tinkled a little on the floor. So the second time, I think I am going to be alot wiser about this whole thing and try to get her to keep her dribbles inside until we reach the great outdoors. That is where the story begins......

Picture a dog. Picture this dog.
Picture a boy. Picture this boy.
Picture that boy wearing these on his feet.

The same boy that absolutely refused to wear sandals all this long, hot, summer. He decided that today, December 12 would be a much better time to have his naked little toes sticking out of his sandals. Sandals that are probably too small.

Now picture a woman. A woman with this belly.

Picture the boy opening up the door while the woman with the belly is waiting till the last minute to swoop the leash on the dog right as she hops out the door. Picture that not working at all and the dog that should never go outside without a leash is outside without a leash.

Now the dog is running around all over the yard, the neighbors' yard and the street. The woman with the belly is chasing the dog and calling for her to come back. Now the boy in the sandals comes out of the house, forgets to close the door and chases the dog too.

Since the door is open, the cat, the indoor cat, decides to make a break for it. The boy in the sandals sees the cat and starts chasing him instead all while screaming to the woman with the belly "Mama, Mac is out. Mama get Mac".

So around and around the dog runs while the lady with the big belly tries to catch her. In another area the cat is running around and around while the boy wearing the sandals in 30 degree weather tries to catch him.

The lady with the belly may have fallen, but she was definitely not hurt, nor was the belly, only her pride and her knees. Finally the dog was cornered and decided to run inside. The boy with the sandals followed. The lady with the belly came to close the door and then went to the neighbors porch to collect her cat.

Once inside the woman with the belly realizes that the dog never even peed outside.


Kristen said...

Is it bad that I am laughing so hard I am crying? So sorry! I know it was not funny at all at the time! Your belly is cute though and so is the dog, and Matthew in his sandals!

The Queen said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Megan, that is SO funny. I have to email it to my Mom. The cows got out when she was pregnant with the twins, and we have a similar story. All I can say is WOW. And think happy thoughts!

Jenney said...

That is so funny! Oh my.

Rachel said...

Seriously laughing. Out loud. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh Megan! I love how you can laugh at everything. You are so funny!