Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Pics

I obviously have not been on top of this blog thing lately. We had a wonderful Christmas. We were home for Christmas and spent the morning opening a few gifts then headed over to my parents for the rest of the day.
I got Matthew a few animal info books and put them in his stocking. I knew that he would love them, but that he probably would be more interested in toys on Christmas morning. He, however, felt it was necessary to look at each and every page in every book telling us about every animal he saw, making up the names he didn't know along the way. By the time he was on the third book, even Erik and I were ready to move on to some toys, but Matthew insisted we finish all 4 books.

Matthew got a digital camera of his own from Grandma and Grandpa. He was so excited because as you may remember he loves taking pictures. He took pictures of everything Christmas morning, even the cat throw up he found on the floor. I guess it is good to document everything.

He told me right after he opened his gifts that he was having the best Christmas ever and that this green bouncy ball was his favorite. I was so happy because this kid wanted EVERYTHING he saw a commercial for before Christmas (that wasn't pink or girly) and we didn't have much to spend so we didn't end up buying a thing that he had said he wanted.

My parent's got Matthew this cool keyboard that is loads of fun. You can actually make your own music and record it on to an Ipod looking thing and then listen to your music. There are several different types of music that you can chose from and Matthew has decided techno is his favorite. We rarely get to hear any other type of music these days.

The three boys each got a gun that shoots little balls. After opening these, we took about an hour break to try them out. Matthew was not really able to shoot his on his own so I HAD to help him. I didn't really get hit too many times either because I am pretty sure the guys felt bad hitting a pregnant lady. I can tell we are going to have alot of fun with these. Matthew's has already come in handy. When our tree was still up the cat kept eating it, which of course made him sick, so I used the gun to shoot at him when he was underneath the tree. (Animal lovers don't worry he was not hurt in any way, I just used it to scare him)

Matthew made ornaments which were just made from flour, salt, and water then painted. Zoe, the dog thought they smelled good enough to eat, but luckily the ornaments were saved.
Well that concludes the Christmas summary. I will try to blog again soon because I have some baby news.


The Queen said...


Whew. Sorry about that. Anyways, looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Matthew is SO sweet and cute. It looks like he got all kinds of cool toys! Christmas is so much fun! Happy New Year! (ps- Sabrina got that camera last year for Christmas, but we ended up throwing away the USB cable because I guess it was tucked away in the packaging and we didn't see it. Anyways, Sabrina loved it, but I'm sure you'll get so much better use out of it!) Have fun Matthew.

kristykh said...

Looks like he had a fun day! The bouncing ball will be fun! I know all about the guns, too. We have many that Tyler enjoys scaring the cats with. Merry Christmas! I'm checking back for baby news, too.

Jenney said...

Um, you better post that news soon...and I am making your baby presents as we speak because I absolutly love to make baby stuff! Ok not AS we speak because we are not technically speaking and I cannot type and create at the same time. Anyway, it is a relief that Matthew didn't want anything girly, because James wants everything girly...perhaps he will outgrow it!

Rachel said...

Yes, that was very mean to keep us since you are reading your comments NOW why not blog about it NOW as well???? :) :) :)

Glad you had a fun Christmas! I can't believe how big Matthew is. He is such a cutie!

katy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! me and dad got those guns too! there so much fun! :)