Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Kids REALLY Like Coupons

Matthew really enjoys picking up sales ads and such when we are shopping. They really make his day (some make his week). Recently at Target, I found these Transformer coupons. I don't know how Matthew even knows about Transformers, but wouldn't you know he LOVES them! He was so excited when I showed him these he said

"Can we really get these Mama?"
I said "Sure honey they are free."

Him "I am so excited, I can't believe you are getting me Transformers."

At the register "Mama make sure to get those Transformers. Cashier, my Mama is getting me some Transformers."

I showed the cashier the coupons so she didn't think I was stealing my son some toys.

We play with these like they are real action figures. We lost one once and boy was there drama. I think we have had them for a month now. I may need to laminate them.

This week Matthew picked this up at CVS.....

It is their "clip free coupon book". He looked at this "cbs newspaper" as he called it in the car, then took it into Food Lion, then into Publix and looked while we shopped. He made sure to tell a few Publix shoppers about some great foot cream deals available at CVS. He asked if he could take the "newspaper" with him for his rest time, I obliged. It also went with him to bed. He alerted Erik of several deals when he came to tell him goodnight. The next day it went everywhere with us, even into Walgreens and we didn't even get kicked out for perusing the competition's ads will shopping in their store. Matthew has had this "newspaper" since Monday and I don't think he has gone anywhere (including the restroom) without it.

Last week, I got him a lunch bag since he is going to be going to preschool in a month or so. He opened it when we got home and said "Oh it is my lucky day, there are money saving coupons inside".

Who needs toys when you can have money saving coupons? I know, I know our house is going to be the place for playdates once word gets out.

Anna this is for you! Matthew is loving the stickers. I think we will play with these like the Transformer coupons above. You have provided endless hours of fun, thank you!


Jenney said...

Oh my word. He is SO your son. Looking for great deals and all! I'm so thankful Walgreens didn't kick you out, that would have been very traumatic.
Do you have Toys R Us around you? (I'm assuming so seems how I even went to one in Japan) You can sign up for their birthday club and you take in the card they mail your kid around their birthday and they get a crown and a balloon (except Jack didn't get that this year...he just got a coupon, which Matthew would have loved evidentally, for 20% off a purchase of $25 or more. We didn't bother complaining at the jip seems how he is only 1).
We taken them up on that every year since James was 1. On top of that, this year James' card had 2 coupons in it. One for $3 off a toy that costs $3 or more (we used it towards a Christmas gift already) AND a FREE Thomas the Tank Engine valued at $12.99 or less. Those things are stinking expensive, but he's getting one in his Christmas stocking now! You know, to go with his train table he's getting for his birthday that we got for free off of Craigslist. Don't tell him how cheap his parents are, ok? He'll just take the card back in ON his birthday and get the balloon and crown. Pretty sure he'll be happy with that.

The Queen said...

Wow, Matthew is SUCH a good shopper (I also remember he seems to be fond of infomercials). I so wish you lived closer. I would probably try to steal and adopt him. Or least try and trade kids all the time! Matthew, you keep us cracking up over here! We LOVE you!

Amy said...

Too funny, that boy of yours. BTW, wow is he looking grown-up!!!!

Jenny said...

Soooo precious? Thanks for the laugh Megan!! Love ya

Rachel said...

Going to preschool?!?!?! Oh my goodness he is getting so big! I love that he is so excited about coupons - way to start young!!!!

Jenney said...

Hi Megan
Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my blog is no longer public, at least for the time being. I can't find your e-mail address so e-mail me @ if you want to still read. thanks.

mary smith said...

You had me worried for a bit there. I thought "Oh no! There goes my birthday gift to him" but I guess it's still safe to get him transformers. When he is older he will never believe he was so into coupons. Now I begin to see how useful blogs can be!