Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mini Meteorologist

"This weekend will be cloudy and mild with temperatures in the mid 50's and an 85% chance of me being completely wrong."

Matthew is now our in-house weather expert. He and his trusty drumstick enjoy bringing us the 7 day forecast. It may not be the correct forecast for our particular area, but what he lacks in accuracy, he makes up for in adorability (that is not really a word I know, but if it were it would mean his ability to be adorable).

*The meteorologists on the Weather Channel have been blacked out in the photos in order to protect their identity (really my camera just does that when it takes a picture of the TV, but I thought I would make it sound like I did it on purpose).


The Queen said...

WOW Matthew- if the whole sports thing doesn't work out this can be your fall-back job (like all those NFL players who graduated with degrees in 'Liberal Arts'). But considering your earlier post about your special sports wear (i.e.- the hat) I think it will take you a loooonnnggg time to go through all those sports! Well, if you do make it big on TV count us as part of your adoring fan base!!! And I think Adorability is a perfect word to describe you!