Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Sister

According to Matthew he has a baby sister. **Before anyone starts thinking this is my way of saying I am pregnant, it's not, even though we would be absolutely delighted, there is no #2 yet.**

Just a few short months ago, Matthew was completely against siblings. I would say something like "Wouldn't you like to have a baby brother or sister someday to play with?" and he would always say something like "No thank you Mama, I am the only one."or "Please don't talk to me about babies.".

One day Matthew and a friend were playing outside and the friend was talking about his new baby brother. Matthew didn't really appear to be listening but he went immediately to the garage and got his old baby stroller out. He pushed it around the front yard for a half an hour talking about how his baby sister was in the stroller and how he was taking her to the aquarium and how she loved the fish. When it was time to go inside, Matthew asked if he could bring his baby sister inside I said no the stroller needed to stay in the garage. I thought this would probably be the last time he would speak of baby sister.

The next day we are getting in the car headed off to Walmart when Matthew spots the stroller and says "Oh there is my baby sister. Can she come to Walmart?" I say, "No, baby sister needs to stay here. She probably needs a nap anyway." Once we get to Walmart (45 seconds later...such a LONG trip) Matthew is talking to everyone in sight as he always does. For some reason he decides the subject for the day should be his baby sister. So he tells everyone..
"I have a baby sister at home."
The strangers smile and say "Well that is nice."
"Mama says she has to stay out in the garage though, she isn't allowed to come inside. I wish she could come inside. She is taking a nap in the garage right now."
The strangers' smiles fade and they look at me. I quickly explain before anyone can whip out their cell phones and dial up child protective services that his sister is not real.

Weeks later, baby sister is still a major part of our lives. He still pushes her around outside and we have taken her for several walks around the neighborhood. His old room still has the crib in it so that is baby sister's room. He found a teething fish toy and said "I need to put this in the fridge for my baby sister. She will like to chew on it." So for the past week he has put it in and taken it out of the fridge several times a day. Matthew has picked out new bedding for her in the Pottery Barn catalog (he claims she is a big fan of the fish set, sorry baby sister we don't actually ever buy anything from PB, we just like to look) and he has shopped for toys and clothes for her at Target. Baby sister is so lucky to have such a dedicated big brother.


Jenny said...

I like your little warning/comment at the very beginning. Hahahaha. I have to say I was getting a little excited.

mary smith said...

Mmmmmm. Maybe Matthew is psychic? We will just have to wait and see.

The Queen said...

WOW! THAT IS SO FUNNY! Especially the part about you leaving the baby sister in the garage! :) That has GOT TO be the funnies embarrassing kid story I've heard yet! Coincidentally Sabrina wants a baby brother and talks about it often. Then a "friend" decided to tell Sabrina that she should pray and ask God to send her a baby brother (yeah, some friend, huh!?)