Friday, June 13, 2008


I HATE snakes. Let me explain, I REALLY HATE snakes. I am not scared of snakes because I think they will kill me or anything I just hate them. I think I hate the way they slither the most. I have hated snakes for as long as I can remember, even snakes on tv. I have to put my feet up when I see a snake on tv, and it isn't like sometimes I put my feet up or most of the time I put my feet up, it is EVERY time. Now I am not the kind of girl that is scared of all bugs, spiders and all things creepy and crawly. I feel that my hatred of snakes is completely Biblical. I mean it wasn't a spider that tempted Adam and Eve.
Recently, things have been a little too snakey for me. While walking with Matthew the other day I saw I snake slithering in a neighbor's yard. I was pretty proud of myself because I was very calm and thanked the Lord above that there were no snakes in my yard. I mean snakes can't come in my yard, right? This yard was clear on the other side of the subdivision from mine, my side of the sub is most definitely snake free. In fact, I thought maybe it was the neighbor's snake and they just let it out for a morning slither in their yard.
Then 2 days ago there was a story on the news about a mom who walked in to her baby's room and found a snake wrapped around her baby's leg while the child was sleeping in the crib! They think the snake was in the mattress! Yikes! I actually saw the snake on the news, so for the last few days I have been picturing that horrid thing in my bed slithering to my leg.
I wish that this were the end of the snake stories, but it only gets worse. This morning as Erik is walking out the door he points to the sidewalk and says "Megan, do you see what that is?" just as a gigantic, horrible reptile slithered into our bushes. Yes, it was a snake and it was in my yard!!!!! Ok, ok it wasn't gigantic, but it was definitely horrible and it looked exactly like the snake from the news that has been haunting my thoughts at night. I get freaked out just typing it. A snake in the yard I spend hours in. Erik said it went into the neighbor's yard, which gives me such peace because I am sure there is some invisible snake gate to keep it in the neighbor's yard and allow it never to return to ours. Then Erik reminds me that we really need to weed that section in the front where the snake was. I don't see myself doing that anytime soon. Is there such thing as snake repellent?


Kristen said...

Oh Megan I would have freaked out! I HATE snakes as well. I would be scared to go outside. I hope it accidently gets killed or dies of old age real soon!

Erin Morgan said...

oh, Megan! I feel the same way!! Just thinking about it ---huhuhuh... Give me shivers!!

The Queen said...

You and Indian Jones! Sheesh! Have you slashed open Matthew's mattress yet to check for snakes? That is an awful story about that lady. I feel that all news people should be banned from airing stories that will potentially cause us mothers with young children to loose sleep at night!

Jenny said...

So you can kill my gigantic bugs and I'll kill your enormous snakes.......hahaha......If I could just ever get down there!