Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Boy was zooming his car around the dining room table.
Mom says to Boy: "Please don't zoom your car on the dining room table. Any other table will be fine, just no cars on this table."
Boy continues zooming as though Mom had never spoken.
Mom says: "Please take your car somewhere else."
Boy walks away with an angry look on his face.
30 seconds later, the Boy returns with arms crossed and says: "I gotta get outta this house."
Mom says: "You've gotta get out of this house? Why?"
Boy says: "Because you told me about my car."
The Boy takes a few steps toward the door.
Mom says: "Where will you go?"
Boy: "I don't know, someplace."
Mom: "Who will take care of you."
Boy: "I don't know."
Mom moves toward the door and unlocks it.
Mom:"Well I don't want you to go, but I guess your mind is made up."
While opening the door for the Boy, Mom says: "Be safe. I love you."
The Boy looking confused, slowly closes the door. His whole face starts to change. With wide eyes, a gigantic smile and nervous laughter in his voice he says: "I was just betending (pretending). I am not willy (really) leaving. I am not angry, you just asked me a question nicely. I was just betending (pretending). "

Whew, that was a close one!


The Queen said...

Matthew can always run away up here. I guarantee you after two days in a very girly house he will be BEGGING to come back home! Haha! He'd only have a choice of a pink room or a purple room!
Who knew the "running away" would start so young?!

Erin Morgan said...

Oh Megan! What a curious and imaginative little boy you have. I hope I am as good of a mom as you are when my little guy has a mind of his own :)

Jenny said...

So darn cute! I'm glad it worked for you LOL. It worked for Nate when I did that but he was extremely wounded for days after he thought I was ready to let him leave. Hahaha. I can't wait to hear the things Matthew has to say on your visit.

Kristen said...

Funny and very cute of both of you!