Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's it gonna be?

Thursday morning we will find out if I will become even more outnumbered and continue to be the lone female in our home or if things will get evened out around here. I am kinda feeling like it's a boy (but what do I know) and Erik and I think it would be fun for Matthew to have a brother. Of course a girl would be fun and different too (and we all know girl clothes are way cuter than boy's). Either way we are VERY excited to find out!
Matthew in the past weeks has been very adamant one way or the other. He was completely convinced at first that it was going to be a girl and refused to believe a baby brother could even be an option. The last few weeks he has alternated between the two, one week he is completely sure it is a brother the next week he is 100% sure it is a sister. This week when asked he says "I think it is going to just be a baby." He certainly can't go wrong with that prediction.


Rachel said...

Maybe you'll have a girl...AND a boy!!!!

Erin Morgan said...

Keep us posted, Megan. It is very exciting!! Will you post photos of your belly?

I like Rachel's idea... a boy and a girl! :)

Take Care!

kristykh said...

So...what is the news????