Monday, September 8, 2008

New Dog Walking Venture

Are you tired of walking your dog? Does it just seem like there is not enough time in the day to properly walk your dog? Does your dog wear you out?

Look no further. We can help you with your walking woes. Let Matthew take care of all of your dog walking needs. You will never have to walk your dog again. Matthew has the energy and experience you are looking for.

Here is some photo evidence of his superior dog walking abilities. Matthew has the know how to walk any dog at any speed depending on the dog's individual needs.
Matthew will let your dog run while keeping complete control of the animal.
He will let your dog take a leisurely stroll if that is what your dog wants to do, with time to enjoy the great outdoors.
Matthew can even walk your dog while it naps. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Your dog no longer needs to lift a paw or even be awake to be walked by Matthew.
**(A note to concerned dog-lovers, don't worry, no dogs were hurt during this photo session)
So call now to schedule your first walk session. First session is free! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with Matthew's Dog Walking we will probably not refund your money and you can once again walk your dog yourself.


mary smith said...

I love it! As far as I'm concerned, Matthew can do anything! Your humorous take on things always brings a smile to my face. Never change.

The Queen said...

I thought you were having a baby! Did Matthew get his wish after all?

Jenny said...

I didn't know you guys got a dog! Is this a new thing? What kind is it? I bet Matthew is thrilled!

Megan said...

Sorry guys I should have mentioned the dog is not ours. It is my parent's dog. Matthew would be thrilled if we did get one. I love my parent's dog and all but after doing a little puppy sitting I am quite convinced I don't need a puppy anytime soon!

Rachel said...

Can he commute to Michigan? I'm pretty sure Daisie would love to be walked by him... :)