Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Words to Laugh By

Matthew has been saying alot of things lately to crack us up and make us ask ourselves "Where in the world did he get that?". Here are a few.

My Mom was over the other day and we were getting ready to eat lunch. I was fixing a very complex and tasty culinary treat, also known as peanut butter and jelly.
Matthew says: "May I have some peanut butter on my thumb?"
I say: "Sure"
My Mom: "Matthew I can give you some peanut butter."
Matthew: "No thank you, Mama can do it." He then sticks out his finger turns to my Mom and says "Watch and learn."

As I was cleaning the bathroom Matthew enters with his Lightning McQueen phone up to his ear chatting away.
I ask: "Who are you talking to?"
Matthew puts his hand over the phone and says "Daddy". He then continues to talk on the phone. A moment later he sticks out his pointer finger toward me and says "I will play with you in just one minute."
He then continues his conversation with Daddy, which among many things including the following, "Do you want to come over to my place at 6?....Ok. Love you. Bye."
He then snaps his phone shut and says to me "Sorry that took so long."

While Erik was home on his unemployed impromptu vacation, he and Matthew played alot of baseball. Matthew somehow knows a few baseball terms (I think I can thank the Berenstain Bear's baseball book for that).

As they were playing, Matthew takes a few practice swings before Erik pitches and then he swings and completely misses the pitch once it is thrown. Erik is just cracking up that Matthew takes practice swings when we have never suggested for him to do such a thing. Matthew thinks Erik is laughing because he missed the pitch so he turns to him and says with as much attitude as a 3 year old can possess "What? Better than your Mama's sister!".


Every Life Has A Story said...

Okay, seriously, your little guy will be on Comedy Central one day.....I have no doubts!!!

mary smith said...

Matthew is so adorable. I can't wait to see how he is with the baby!

kristykh said...

He's so funny! I love your new blog layout. Very pretty! I'm glad everything is ok with Erik's job. I know that's a relief.

Jenny said...

Oh too funny!