Thursday, November 6, 2008

Job Update

My hubby is employed! Today is his first day. Woohoo! Praise the Lord!

We are so blessed that he was able to get a job so quickly. Matthew and I really enjoyed having him home though for 2 weeks. It was a great little vacation at home! I can honestly say that I was able to thoroughly enjoy our extra time together without being worried about the future, job and money stuff.

I thought Matthew would be absolutely rotten today because he has been so used to Daddy being home to play with him, but he has been great. He was pretty sure Daddy was going to be, in his words "taying home forever", but he did fine when Erik left. He just had a tiny fussing time about Erik taking the van, he said "Now Mama we can't drive anywhere". We are down to one car since Erik used to have a company car. This has been the most traumatic thing for Matthew. He LOVED Erik's Jeep and I think he is a little worried that if Erik takes the van to work he won't bring it back. He is a little worrier. I have NO idea where he gets that from, haha!

Thanks everybody for your thoughts and prayers!


Jenny said...

I am so happy for you guys and I am glad that you all got to spend some quality time together! Luv you guys!

Angela said...

Praise Jesus!!!!! what's the new job?

Jenney said...

I'm so sorry that you are down to one car. You have my deepest sympathy, trust me! If you lived nearer, I'd pick you up and take you to Target.

Rachel said...

Yey! Fabulous news - I hope he likes the new job :)

The Queen said...

Hi Meg,
Somehow I missed this blog! Wow- that is great. But really, I am not surprised Erik found a job so quickly! He's Erik! Still, I am glad God provided for you.

The one car thing is tough. We had one car in Hawaii, but Matthew rode his bike, so I actually had the car. Some days he would take it though and I would feel stuck!!!!!!

josh said...

We had one car for about 3 years and it is no fun. Of course it is a bit easier in the city where they have public transportation.

Just look at it as your contribution to helping us become independent of Middle Eastern oil. You guys are such activits! Plus, Erik will prolly appreciate the decrease in number of trips to Target.