Friday, January 30, 2009


On my friend Rachel's blog she wrote about 10 things she loved starting with the letter "C". I thought it might be fun, so I decided to join her and she assigned me the letter "H".

So here it goes, things I love:

Husband: I love my husband! He takes such good care of our family and he always makes me laugh. There are a million other reasons, but I will try to keep this thing short.

Home: It is a good thing I enjoy being home because I am here quite a bit these days. It is not that I love my house so much, just the comfort of it being our home.

Holidays: I absolutely love when there is something to celebrate and lots of family comes to town. Of course, that normally means there is lots of good food too and mostly food I didn't make.

H2O: I love ice water! Especially right now I get really thirsty and feel like I will die if I don't get cold water. I even have to have a drink in the night when I get up to use the bathroom, which of course just makes me need to use the bathroom again in a little while. It is a vicious cycle.

History: I actually majored in history in college (minored in elementary ed). This does not mean I remember important dates in history, but I really enjoy reading about things that happened long ago.

Humor: I love to laugh. I love to watch funny things on TV and movies. I am not really into dramatic stuff. My husband would say it is because I don't "like to feel". All I know is I would much rather laugh.

Hearing my boy talk on the monitor: Matthew still has a baby monitor in his room because he sleeps upstairs and we sleep downstairs. It feels like he is very far away so I will probably keep a monitor in his room until he is 17 or so. I really enjoy hearing his cute little voice sing and tell crazy stories (the whining because his blankets aren't perfectly flat with no wrinkles, I could live without).

Happy people: Happy people are great. Obviously, all people can't be happy all the time, but I like when people are able to see the good in things and not be pessimistic all the time.

Handwritten notes and Homemade gifts: It is awesome when someone takes the time to actually write a note or make a gift. Don't get me wrong I like e-mails and store bought things too, but I just find the handwritten and homemade things more meaningful. Does this mean I write lots of meaningful letters and make lots of wonderful gifts? Absolutely not.

Hotels: I think it is a ton of fun to stay in a hotel although I haven't stayed in one in a really long time. Of course I am talking about nice hotels. You can swim and get free breakfast in the morning.

That is all. If you want to love a letter you can too, just let me know and I guess I will give you a letter to love. I will probably pick really great letters too like U and X, so if you love unicorns and x-rays you will definitely have a good time.


Jenny said...

I loved your blog! I always love them though haha. What a neat idea. Oh and about hearing Matthew in the monitor.....don't worry, I still use one for Paris. I am thankful to hear that I am not the only one who will probably use my monitor until has has no life left haha

Kim said...

This was fun! I've been thinking about you with February just around the corner! Less than a week to go before you get to gaze at your little girl and cuddle her. You are blessed with a beautiful family.
Kim Mahan

mary smith said...

Awww! I loved that husband was top on your list. I am excited about Thursday 2/5/09. Just think...another individual in the world with you & Erik's genes and being raised by two terrific parents!

Rachel said...

Hey Meg! Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you lots this week as you get ready to meet your little girl :) Can't wait to see her!