Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Monsters Have Arrived

Yes, we now have monsters in the Smith home. We do try to be hospitable as a rule here in our home, but I must say the monsters were completely uninvited and most definitely have worn out their welcome.

I have not seen one myself and as a matter of fact, I don't think anyone has really spotted one, so a visual description is not available at this time. However, someone in our family deeply feels their presence, thus making nearly all of us well aware that monsters are in deed here.

Like most monsters, ours are nocturnal. They reside exclusively in Matthew's room. I really wish they would have chosen mine and Erik's room because I feel we are better equipped to coexist with them.

Our monsters may seem like other monsters, they are nocturnal, choose to live in a young child's room and have never actually been spotted, but our monsters are unique in this; they love to be read to. Their love of books, keep Matthew up nearly all night reading with his room light, closet light and 2 night lights on. Even though Erik and I have made it very clear that those big lights should not be on, Matthew feels the need to be obedient to the monsters and the obvious monster wrath that would ensue if he chose to turn out the lights and stop reading.

While having uninvited monsters live in your son's room is not at all ideal, I am happy that our monsters are book loving monsters. I just wish they would learn to read for themselves so that they wouldn't keep the boy up (also, if they are going to require so much electricity, it wouldn't hurt if they contributed some cash for the electric bill as well).


MelArcile said...

You have an amazing writing style. I genuinely look forward to the days that my blog side bar states that Just Another Smith has a new post up. Again, I was not disappointed. You are so stinkin' hilarious!! My only complaint is that you don't post more often. I need good reading material to get me through my days as a stay at home mom.

Jenney said...

Hmmm...that is a conundrum. I think someone has been watching a certain Disney movie! Very funny. Oh, remember your purple hippo? Well, there was one on the sink in a public restroom today. A mini-McDonald's one, but a little purple hippo none-the-less. I thought of you immediatly. I think yours ended up in the arms of a small child in Mexico.

Amy said...

LOL, your Matthew cracks me up! According to Hannah some nights snakes reside under her bed....thankfully they do not like to be read to just "sprayed"!

Kristen said...

Your posts are SOO funny Megan! Good luck with the monsters! Let me know how you get rid of them, so in case they come to my house I have a plan!

Mary Smith said...

I have heard that sometimes a very special verse, made up by the parents, and said everynight at bedtime does wonders for ridding a household of an unwanted guest. It has to sound realistic and very dramatic at the time of speaking it. Good luck and love all of you.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the laugh Megan! Miss you guys!