Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Truth About Preschool

Ever since we attended the orientation night for preschool Erik has been worried that the school we (I) chose might not be academic enough. I, chose the only school in the area that had a curriculum and I am not so concerned with how much Matthew learns academically as much as I am concerned with him learning to sit and listen when needed and to play with other kids.

So every Tuesday and Thursday Erik asks Matthew about school. This is how it went down last night.....

Erik: So Matthew what did you do in school today? And don't say it was too long. (That is always Matthew's response because he thinks we want him to tell us every little thing he did all morning)

Matthew: Well it is too long to tell you.

Erik: You don't have to tell me everything you did. What did you learn today at school?

Matthew: Daddy, my preschool isn't really a learning kind of school. We play outside and today we watched the trucks fix the parking lot, but we don't learn anything.

Erik shoots me a glance that silently says "I told you he wasn't going to learn anything at that school".

Me, reminding the boy that he doesn't just play outside at school: Matthew tell Daddy what you did with your letters of the month today.

Erik: Oh yeah buddy, tell me about your letters.

Matthew: Oh yeah, we still use letters.

Erik is obviously totally convinced of preschool's awesome academicness now.


Jenney said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Tell Erik if he would like there are supplemental curriculums out there and he could spend his evenings and Saturdays helping Matthew get more education :o)
I am so glad that they are NOT shoving academics down his throat in preschool!

The Holmes' said...

As a preschool teacher myself I have to tell you that it is so hard to get 3 year olds to sit down for an "academic learning" session. Our circle time consists of a song or two, me telling them to "sit down", "come over here", "stop touching that", all in the midst of trying to teach them about apples and how they grow, what they make, etc. Thank you for understanding that we are not merely babysitters but that we also do spend some time "teaching"! I am big on the idea that children can have play-based learning as well. Tell Erik not to fret. Even if a seed is sown, it will produce harvest in the end! : )

Mary Smith said...

Haha. Okay..this is Erik's mom. Tell Erik to "back off". There is plenty of time for Matthew to learn. As I recall Erik's preschool was pretty much the same, mostly geared to prepare him for a structured enviroment and allow him to develop social skills. These are very important. Don't stress the little guy just yet. Love you all.