Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chocolate Bagel Recipe

Today after church we were going to Panera to meet some people for lunch. We stopped in at home in between church and the restaurant and I fed Matthew some mac and cheese because I didn't really want to buy him a 5 dollar pb&j (which seems expensive enough for a pb&j that would be eaten, but becomes painfully expensive when it gets thrown away with only 3 bites taken). Then, since he had eaten we could just get him a bagel to snack on. He kinda just wanted to stay home and we were hurrying him out the door and so Erik promises him a bagel, but that didn't really do the trick so he says "How about a chocolate bagel?". I don't really have to tell you that Matthew was VERY excited about the thought of a chocolate bagel. I myself had never really heard of a chocolate bagel, but I kept my mouth shut because it got us out the door.

So we go to Panera (about a 20 minute car ride). We wait for 30 minutes inside and the people we were supposed to meet didn't show up (due to some miscommunication). During this time we realize they don't have chocolate bagels (imagine that). We decided to just go home since our friends didn't show. Matthew starts crying as we are leaving saying "chocolate bagel, please" (50 minutes after it last mentioned, we thought we were in the clear). We distract him and tell him about other great things we have at home to eat which seems to work. Then we drive 20 minutes back home and make a stop, at a store, Erik goes in and comes back with a bag. Matthew is very excited when he sees the bag and says (yes you guessed it) "Yippee chocolate bagel". And, you of course know the bag contained not a one chocolate bagel (mainly because they don't even exist). So, the crying for the bagel begins again. At this point, Erik feels pretty bad because Matthew had been such a good boy waiting at the restaurant and he had promised the bagel. Now this is where I would have just tried some more distraction and brought out some fruit snacks. But not Erik, he decided he was going to follow through with this promise. So as soon as we got home he made a chocolate bagel. I am sure everyone will want to take down this recipe (an instant classic for certain).

Chocolate Bagel

Prep time: 5 seconds

Cook Time: 0 seconds

You will need:

One bagel

Chocolate Syrup

1. Squeeze the syrup onto the bagel.

It probably isn't nearly as bad for you as you think because you won't want to take more than a couple of bites. I know this, not because I tried it, but because even Matthew only took 3 bites. And even though he said "Mmmmm" after every bite I remain unconvinced.


The Queen said...

THAT is hilarious! That is way funnier than the kitty sticking its head out of the top of your media/book cabinet (which was so funny). That is hilarious because it illustrates how much smarter our kids are than us and that classic battle of staying "on top" of the game. Which it seems like I am forever loosing. I can't tell you how many times that same scenario has happened to us. Well, okay everything but the chocolate bagel. Whoever heard of a chocolate bagel? Sabrina would probably love one though. Way to go Matthew- you are such a big boy! And so patient! :) And SUCH a cutie!