Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crazy Cat

So here are some pictures of our cats. Emma is the little light colored cat in the bookcase and Mac is the fat orange one wishing he could fit his enormous body into one of those small heart shaped holes too. This is Emma's new hobby, climbing to the top hole in the bookcase and she just takes in the sights or a nap. I am not sure if the draw for her is her very own little space where no one can bother her (except for an occassional book falling down on her) or being able to taunt Mac. This is not her first trip to the top of a bookcase, however. Last August, she somehow brought down a tall bookcase full of books all on her own. My favorite part of the story however, is not the fact that our little 7 pound cat brought down such a large thing, but that Erik walked into the room and sat at his computer (which he would have HAD to step over at least 10 of the fallen books to get to) and said nothing about it. I walked in and said "Oh, my goodness." and he said "What?", I pointed to the bookcase and said "This, didn't you see the bookcase on the FLOOR????". The answer of course is no, he had not, and I am absolutely positive that in ANY other room of our house he would never have missed such a thing, but it was in the COMPUTER room. The computer, it can suck a man (or at least for sure my man) in, make him forget time, place, or that bookcases do not belong on the floor in the middle of the room. (Sorry honey, it is funny!)


The Queen said...

THAT is hilarious! You have funny cats! I can't wait to show Sabrina!