Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Day: Matthew's Medicine is All Gone

Matthew has been on some yucky medicine for the last 10 days. It is supposed to eradicate the staph (which we are praying it really will). He had to take it 4 times a day, every 6 hours, so we had to wake him up in the middle of the night (yucky medicine+middle of the night waking=nothing even remotely close to fun). Matthew is normally really good about taking medicine but giving him this medicine has been a chore (and at times a 2 man job).

We have rewarded (or bribed, but rewarded sounds so much better) him with chocolate milk and gummy bears 40 times(that is EVERY time), set the alarm to wake at 1 am 10 times, chased him down 30 times, held him down to take it 20 times, practically bathed in the medicine 39 times (that is out of 40 doses), reminded him to actually swallow and not spit it out 35 times, got medicine spit into my eye 2 times (it doesn't sound like many but it was enough). And now for the final numer, how many of us are just ecstatic about being done with the medicine and the thought of also being done with staph: 3! So today after the last dose Matthew did a little dancing and got to throw the medicine bottle away! An event we have been looking so forward to!


The Queen said...

HOORAY! Praying that it works and NO MORE yucky staph or medicine!!!! Way to go Matthew!


BIG Matthew, Kate, Sabrina, and Sarah!

Rachel Hunt said...

Hey Meg! It is so fun to read updates and see pictures. I was laughing thinking about Erik dancing - it made me remember how he used to dance on his rollerblades when we went to Allskate...I still don't know how he did that without falling over! Thanks for checking my blog - it gives me more motivation to post when I think someone is actually going to read it!!!

Megan said...

Rach, I read Erik what you wrote and we were laughing about that! He definitely won my heart at Allskate with his smooth dance moves! And I love checking your blog, keep writing!