Friday, May 11, 2007


Today we visited our aquarium. They just got penguins last week so went to see them. We (I thought it was "we" until we went today and realized I just had my "m" upsidedown and it turned out to be just "me" who was excited) really have been looking forward to seeing them. My Mom went with Matthew and I which was great. At first I was a little worried when we got there and saw 10 school buses. I thought, oh great now little Matthew will never get to see the penguins because it will be so crowded, poor Matthew. Well don't spend even spend a moment worrying about "poor" Matthew, because he didn't even spend a moment looking at the penguins! The truth about Matthew is he LOVES the aquarium and asks to go all the time (in fact he even has an hour long aquarium video of fish swimming around that he asks to watch everyday, it also only cost me 45 cents, definitely not important or completely relevant but I do love to share about unbelievable deals). Fun fact: Aquarium is the largest word in Matthew's vocabulary (2nd largest word: awesome, not really important, but really fun to hear him say).

So just because he loves the aquarium does not mean he likes to walk leisurely and take in all the sights and sounds. I think I can say with confidence that if there were an aquarium visiting race, we would definitely win with Matthew as our leader and guide. They say it takes about 2hours to go through the 2 buildings (more time of course when it is crowded). But I tell you we can get it done in 1 hour complete with 1 bathroom break, 20 attempts to touch a sting ray (and then 2 visits to the hand sanitizer), 30 hello waves to various fish and other sea life, 10 pretend swims on the floor (followed by 10 "Oh Matthew, please don't lay on the floor" 's), taking 15 pictures (not all of which are keepers) and dodging 150 elementary students! It is an action packed hour, but a fun one, and is not recommended for a first timer (or anyone who likes to read informational signs). The great thing is we have a year's membership so we don't feel cheated by our speedy visits (or the fact that Matthew couldn't care less about the new exhibit).

I know you are probably thinking will this post ever end???? The answer is for sure it will, but I just have to add one more thing. Sometimes in one section there is a man that plays his banjo at the aquarium and today he was there. It is not unusual (and by not unusual I mean it happens every time he hears or even thinks he may hear music) for Matthew to dance, but normally very few people are there to see him. Well today it was so crowded but he just started shaking it as usual, everyone young and old alike made way for a proper stage for my young entertainer. Everyone laughed, and stared at Matthew as if he were a new exhibit (I am pretty sure the penguins were jealous) and then, of course, I told my little dancer to take a bow and exit his stage. But he reminded me later while "swimming" with the fish, that he is 2 and he NEVER exits his stage.


The Queen said...

Waaaaaaaaaay cute! I love the aquarium Matthew! If I come visit will you take Sabrina, Sarah, and I?

Megan said...

Sure thing Feist girls, just bring your running shoes and Matthew will be your guide!