Friday, June 22, 2007

1 wiggly 2 yr old + 1 first time hair trimmer + 3 popsicles=

I attempted giving my first hair cut this morning. It turns out I am WAY better at giving Erik instructions (and gasping and covering my eyes) while he cuts than I am at actually doing the cutting myself. Matthew is the worst at getting his hair cut! In April when my sister was here she was barely able to cut his bangs while we restrained him. When he was younger it was a bit easier, but since he has had painful times with staph stuff at the doctor he is not nearly as trusting as he used to be. It is not a fun activity, it normally involves wails, wiggles, snot, and tears. But this morning I decided I was up for the challenge. For weeks, I have been visualizing how and where I would cut as if I were an athlete visualizing my next big win. The mop on Matthew's head spurred me on, as well as, the thought that if Erik tried and got frustrated he was going out to buy clippers immediately and our son would be near bald by nightfall! After an hour of convincing and pretending to cut with my fingers, Matthew absolutely shocked me by deciding to sit in the big chair (with a popsicle in each hand and watching Diego on tv) to get his hair trimmed. I did say "Oh my" at least once out loud (and I thought it at least 10 times) while cutting the side and afterwords I prayed while I was in the shower that when I came out Matthew's hair would miraculously look as fantastic as it does after my sister cuts it. (If you ever wondered if a skill like cosmetology runs in the family I can, from experience, answer with a resounding no, or at least not in my case) The rating I have decided to give the cut: just ok. I was pretty nervous about how it looked but then I took him out in public and nobody screamed, stared, pointed, or giggled upon sight of him. We even played at the mall in the play area which contained 15 of the most brutally honest type of people on the planet..... preschoolers. A big thanks to all those brave souls who have gone before me (Aunt Terri who has trimmed it numerous times, Grandma Smith and Erik)!!!


The Queen said...

Did you cut it while he was in the car seat? That is such a great idea!!! Come to think of it I could get a lot done with my children both harnessed in. (hair brushed, teeth brushed, diaper changed...)It looks really good! Once I tried to cut Matthew 's hair. Yes, well you know me well enough that he had to go to the barber with a hat on. It was awful!

Anonymous said...


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