Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 First Days in 2 Weeks

Erik has started a new job the last 2 Mondays in a row! If you were late to wish him good luck on his new job last week, don't worry you can just use it this week for the new job. Erik has been working at a small start up company the last few months (since the company that had us move here decided to no longer have an office here in TN in Jan.). Well the start up job was not the money we were used to or needed but God provided and we survived. Little things happened to allow us to know it was time for Erik to look for a new job, which he did and found one. It was another sales job that was still not enough money to start with but by the end of the year with commission it would be more than enough (often how the wonderful world of sales works). (Since we were transferred here from VA and kept that pay we are used to a northern VA salary which tends to be a bit more than the salaries around here because the cost of living in this area is lower, thus making it hard to find a job that pays the same) So Erik started the first new job last week. We had decided one of us would have to get a job at night for the first couple of months to get by. On the 3rd day he went out to do some selling and when he came back he was locked out of the office and had not yet been given a key plus the air conditioning in his car went out and it was in the 90's (he was not so happy or dry for that matter)! But it was ok because that night the biggest customer from his previous job offered him a job! Not just any job, but the Director of Marketing position! Praise the Lord! Erik is already enjoying his new job this week (and hasn't been locked out, haha), neither one of us have to get a night job, and we are so very thankful for this new turn of events! Amazing! So here is a picture of Erik on his first day (it was actually of his first first day, the job that didn't last, but he pretty much looked the same this past Monday). He is a tie guy now! I didn't even make him pretend to be talking on his cell phone he already was chatting, but I think it definitely brings out his profressional side (even if he was just talking to a friend).


Jenny said...

Awesome! I am so happy for you guys. Good things happen to good people...sometimes it just takes a while! See you guys in uuummmm like 16 days! Love ya!

Rachel H. said...

Wow that is quite a story! I hate starting new jobs...I can't imagine starting two so close together! Megan - how about a picture of you on here sometime since I have seen you in like a kajillion years! Hey, speaking of which - how long till you come to Michigan???