Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rules of the Game (according to Matthew)

The Soccer Player: A good soccer player always brings his left arm across his chest before kicking the ball, the arm is then brought down before the actual kick is attempted. Keep in mind if you are right handed you may use your right arm. I cannot really say how this helps you kick I just know Matthew would NEVER kick the ball without first completing this essential motion.

The Golfer: Well this sport is kind of a mix in Matthew's world. It is played with a golf club that is too large for Matthew so sometimes it looks more like hockey and a tennis ball is hit rather than a golf ball. After the player (Matthew, of course) successfully hits the ball he must bring the club up and blow on it, as if he were blowing off some imaginary dirt.

The Football Player: A good football player always wears his helmet. Matthew's helmet happens to be a fleece winter hat, but he always wears it when he plays (even when it is 98 degrees and he is sweating profusely underneath, our neighbors surely think we are crazy).

The Tennis Player: This one is a little bit older, but it is still just as relevant today, except he is bigger now and no longer allowed to play tennis indoors. The tennis player, according to Matthew, must always wear a hat backwards. No ball can be served until the hat is on just right.


Jenny said...

Oh my! Matthew is quite the athlete! I hope he can showcase some of his moves for me next week!

Rachel said...

Meg - I can't believe you have such an athletic child!

See you Sunday!

The Queen said...

THAT is hilarious! Oh the world of boys! I am so clueless!!!