Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paper Trail

I guess this must be what a paper trail looks like according to a 2 year old. This is not the first time that I have regretted having my paper towels hanging on a roller within Matthew's reach. This is the first time however the trail has made it up the stairs which I thought was impressive. Matthew is very good about cleaning he is not the type to spill and run (except of course to run to the kitchen to get paper towels). A couple of times the paper trail has lead me to a mess he didn't even make but he just found and decided to start cleaning it (like a cat mess). What would I do without my little cleaner? He is very particular about where things go. I can't rearrange anything without Matthew finding it and putting it in it's old place. Hmmm I wonder....will his future wife be envied or pitied?


The Queen said...

THAT is so hilarious! Oh wow. Way to go Matthew- could you let him loose around here? I've got lots of cleaning to occupy him for a week!