Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's this?

Last week when our 2 year old inquirer was bathing we were talking about body parts. First up, the chin. Then the young boy asks "Who's this guy?"(everything is a who, he never asks what, which is funny but a little embarassing at the grocery store when he appears to be looking at another shopper, but is really refering to the chips behind him, I try to answer quickly but you can tell the previously mentioned shopper is already looking a little nervous like we are talking about him and not the cheddar flavored rice cakes behind him), with his hand on his neck, he wasn't just interested in what the part was called but also it's function. So I told him it was his neck and it held his head up. He liked that answer and thought it a little funny. Then he puts both his hands on his cheeks (not the ones on his face, by the way, the ones further south) and asks...........
"Who's these guys?"
I say "That is your bottom."
He removes one hand from one butt cheek and says "Well who's this one?"
I say"That is your bottom too."
So in my mind I am already thinking about how I am going to respond to what his bottom's function is since I know that will be his next question. I was wrong.
The boy turns around, holds on to the bar in the bathtub, starts shaking that newly discovered bottom and says "My bottom helps me dance, see Mama. It helps me dance to (the) beat."
That is definitely not the function I was thinking of.


Jenny said...

Matthew, you are awesome! Hahaha. Too cute Megan! I love it.

The Queen said...

Haha Matthew- you've got the right idea! :) What a hoot!

Kristen said...

Hey Megan! Your mom (mom#2 to me) gave my mom your blog address and I am all caught up! Let me just say that I was literally laughing out loud! I wonder where you get your sense of humor from-hmmmmm? Matthew is SO cute!!! What a handsome guy!
I will be checking in often and if you get a chance check out Ella's :) Mostly pics on hers cause I am not even close to being as witty as you :)