Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Diaper Buying Addiction

What's with all the diapers?

Did I win the lottery and spend all my winnings on diapers?
Am I planning to adopt another toddler?
Am I fearing a natural disaster and preparing for weeks of never leaving home?
Am I looking for a way to ensure my toddler will be potty trained by nightfall?

Well the answer is no to all of those (except the last one would be alright, but that wasn't my original plan). The answer of course is that these diapers were on clearance! Clearanced diapers are not common (it is something mothers only dream of). Diapers are often on sale for a week or you can have a coupon for them, but they are rarely clearanced. I don't know if Pampers is coming out with something new or my store just had too many. I don't know the reason, and I guess I don't really care! I normally buy the cheap diapers, but these were such a good price they were even 7 cents cheaper per diaper than the cheap diapers!!!

I found the clearance last Tuesday and bought one box. Then I found a coupon for a dollar off on top of that and went back Monday to buy one more box. Then yesterday I thought, well maybe I will just check and see if they have any more (since I only had 152 diapers at home). There were 4 boxes left, all the size I needed, I felt that was definitely a sign from above and bought 2 more boxes. I just could not help myself! I love a good deal and getting that one clearanced box last week made me smile for days, so I will be smiling for weeks now with 4 boxes (that's 328 diapers)!

I keep thinking about the 2 boxes I left behind, but I am going to try to stay out of Target for the remainder of the week. Yeah, I think steering clear of that store is in my best interest, considering my recent addiction and the store's ability to feed that addiction.

........ Besides, if those 2 boxes are still there next week, they are bound to get marked down even more.


Jenny said...

Hahaha. That Target will get ya everytime! I can't wait until I don't have to buy diapers ever again!

The Queen said...

I am so glad I am not the only one to do that. I've always got the boxes of diapers because I feel the need to stock up. I love it. And wow Pampers cruisers on SALE?! Go back and buy more!!!!
You should have seen my pantry when Sarah started solid foods! And guess what? She hated it all pretty much! But hey I'm all for stocking up on diapers if makes the potty/night training thing nil. I like your strategy!