Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Who's the Handsomest Stud of All....... Matthew would definitely answer that he is, of course (which wins him the vain toddler award as well). He got his hair cut yesterday. I tried to cut the back yesterday morning. I thought it looked awful and I was too scared to continue so Erik the brave, finished it last night. We strapped Matthew into his chair at the table and fed him ice cream and let him spray us (and everything else in the kitchen) with the water bottle. When he would get fussy I would distract him with the water bottle, ice cream, or tell him how handsome he was going to be when his hair was all cut. Normally, being handsome is not really a priority for Matthew, so I didn't imagine he would remember what I had said. It has not even been 24 hours since the hair cut and Matthew has said 8 times already, "I be right back, I gonna go see in the window (mirror)." He runs into our room to the mirrored closet doors, looks and says "I so handsome".
He just caught a glimpse of himself in this picture and said it again....I think we may need some sort of vanity intervention!


Candace said...

Interesting to know.