Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Can You Buy With 2 Used Pacifiers?

Apparently a pacifier's worth increases with age and use. I am pretty sure I didn't pay more than $5 for a pack of 2 pacifiers brand new, but this weekend those same pacifiers bought Matthew a big boy bike. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first, used pacifiers are not just germy baby soothers anymore. ****(Please read the post in it's entirety before taking out your life savings to purchase pacifiers)*** Since pacifiers are not (yet and probably never will be unless toddlers some day rule the country) recognized as acceptable American currency we had to use some cash as well. Matthew paid his part in pacifiers and Daddy and Mama paid for the rest. Matthew was very brave and did not shed a tear during the transaction.

He is ready to ride.

He has the mount and dismount down, but we are definitely still working on the pedaling.

Matthew and the bike have spent more time like this than with him actually riding. He likes pushing it around. We know he is a little bit young for a bike but it was something that he is really interested in, which worked well as an incentive for saying adios to the pacifier, and he was nearly too big for a tricycle. So we will keep practicing (we'll get lots of practice especially once it cools down and isn't a million degrees outside).

When Matthew turned one year old we locked up the pacifiers in the crib and threw away the key (metaphorically speaking, of course) so he only had them for sleep (and other rare occassions, like long trips).
So he really only noticed his pacifiers were gone before sleep times and the first day and night his bike was by his side for the tough times, nap time and bedtime. The first night was pretty rough, he woke up quite a bit, but never asked for the pacifiers....he just cried for anything and everything else ("Mama, I want watch cartoons. Mama, I want my car. I need hug. Mama, I want to touch my bike.). But the last 2 nights have been virtually fuss-free. It really has been alot easier than I thought it would be.
I hope I can say that same thing once Matthew is completely potty trained, but I know I won't!


Jenny said...

Good for you Megan!

Kristen said...

Who knew paci's were worth so much? What a brave little boy and what BRAVE parents! I'm so going to use that one when it times for Ella paci's to go bye-bye! Luckily we are down to sleep time and the car and I'm not even close to getting rid of those yet!

The Queen said...

Hi Megan,
That is great! I'm glad it went so smoothly!!! (We endured 3 nights of screaming and Matthew laying with Sabrina at night until she fell asleep). It was like watching a drug addict go through withdrawal! I felt horrible bad parent guilt, so I'm glad your experience went so much smoother. Woohoo! Straight teeth here we come. :)