Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Love Overalls

Unfortunately, Matthew does not share these same feelings. I have always loved overalls and I put them on Matthew all the time when he was little. I got his overalls out the other day and he was pretty sure he would not wear them. So being the wonderful mother that I am, I offered him 1 piece of candy in exchange for him wearing the overalls all day. Candy is king. The overalls were worn. I had to take a few pictures (or maybe alot of them) in case, this never ever happened again.


Jenney said...

I love overalls too...but I can't find any to fit James. Any suggestions on where to get some bigger sized ones? I'm not even sure what size he'd wear because he has these dinky legs and long torso...he wears a 2t/3t shirt and 24 mos. pants. All I see in stores are sizes up to 12 mos.

The Queen said...

Matthew, sorry bud, I have to agree with your Mom on this one. You do look fit to kill in a pair of overalls. And I don't mean 'fit to kill' in the literal sense. It's just an express that means you look handsome. :)

kristykh said...

I love them! How cute! I like the one with his hands up and laying on the steps. Was he copying his kitties?