Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Very Good Day at Target

Last week I bought some pajamas for Matthew and 3 of those Rubbermaid totes at Target. Both of those things happened to be on sale this week. So I went back and got a price adjustment. I got over $10 back! I am just amazed by that. I have always heard of stores giving price adjustments but I have never actually been able to get one. I normally buy things and then 2 weeks later they are on sale which doesn't do me any good. Last week I also bought kitty litter and got a $5 Target gift card, so I used that on my purchases today (more pjs for the boy since they were on sale). I rarely buy anything besides food (oh and kitty litter, of course) so even though I love Target I don't buy much there. Days like today make me love Target even more. I love you Target.
Also on a non-Target note, gas in $2.94! It is really just a great day.


The Queen said...

Way to go you! Gas here is 2.07- Yes! Finally. I don't really need to fill up, but I guess I should since if I don't tomorrow it will be 4$

The Queen said...

Oppps. Not 2.07, 2.97!!!