Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Lighter Side of the Debate

Debates make me really nervous. I get pretty tense before I watch a debate. I am not sure why because I am just watching and I really don't even have to do that.

But I found 2 things kind of funny during the debates last night to settle my nerves.

First off, talk of Joe the Plumber. That might as well be his name now, with the as his middle name and Plumber as his last. I bet this man had no idea that by speaking to Obama over the weekend he would be mentioned in the final debate. Not was he just mentioned once, but I heard a count today that he was referred to 25 times! Joe the Plumber was made a celebrity last night. Both candidates wanted to have the best plan for Joe.

The other thing I really enjoyed was McCain using the word cockamamie. This has been one of my favorite words for the longest time. If I were sitting on the fence that definitely would have sealed the deal for me (please know I am kidding, although my feelings for the word are strong election decisions should not be made because of great vocabulary choices by the candidates). Try using the word cockamamie, it will surely brighten your day and also brighten the day of those around you.

On an unrelated note, have you noticed all this blogging going on??? I think that is 4 posts in 3 days! Definitely a record here. Apparently it is either feast or famine with me. Now I probably won't post till spring 2009, just kidding.


The Queen said...

SO our Christian Music radio station DJ came up with a GREAT way to watch the debates and pay attention. She made bingo cards with the popular words/expressions on them, and her and her husband played bingo while they watched the debate. You sort of did the same thing in your head. That is hilarious. I haven't watched a single debate because I think they are boring, but mostly because we don't have tv. Boohoo. poor me.

Jenny said...

You are so funny Megan! I missed the last debate but I will surely have to go on youtube and watch it just to hear cockamamie!

Rachel said...

Hey Meg - love all the blogging you're doing :)

Check out my blog - I tagged you today!

AmyLiz's Life said...

Soo I just wanted to let you know that you (along with some other friends who are blogging) have inspired me to start...sheesh! Don't worry there is no competion here...I got nothing on Matthew!!! haha He's too cute! See ya around the blog...:)